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4 Reasons Why You Need High-Performance Inserts in Metalworking

4 Reasons Why You Need High-Performance Inserts in Metalworking

Aerospace engineers and agricultural equipment designers both need one thing to do their jobs: metal. The metalworking industry provides necessary materials, tools, equipment, and parts for industrial sectors that make the world run. In the last few decades, metalworking has seen incredible advancements, and each innovation helps businesses achieve better results in less time while saving money. Cutting and milling operations require high investment in materials and tools, and that’s where exceptional options such as carbide inserts come in. Here are four reasons why you need high-performance inserts in metalworking.

Keeping Your Business Competitive

Today’s industry leaders understand that equipment and tool upgrades make or break a business. Having the optimal tools at your disposal will keep your business competitive well into the future. High-performance inserts can improve your milling and cutting operations and allow you to exceed your customers’ expectations while keeping your costs manageable. You should be able to depend on your tools without a second thought so that you can focus on other areas of your business and metal fabricating needs.

Achieve Precise and Consistent Results 

In the past, metalworking professionals relied on steel inserts on the job, and the high fail rate combined with inaccurate cuts led to frustration and losses. High-performance inserts exceed steel inserts in practically every way. They take far more heat and continue to perform very well under regular or extreme metalworking circumstances. High-performance inserts are designed for minimal vibration during cutting in order to achieve precise results that you can count on time and time again.

Secure the Best Tool for the Task 

At Kennametal, we carry an extensive catalog of high-performance inserts, including C-, D-, R-, S-, T-, V- and W-style. With our industry-leading expertise and guidance, we will make sure that you get the best tool for the jobs you need to get done. Our inserts are made with tungsten carbide-based materials and designed at the highest technological parameters to meet your needs.

Extend the Life of Your Materials

Running a business involves balancing cost and performance. Strong, high-quality inserts made from carbide outlast steel inserts in the majority of cases. The lifetime performance of any tool depends on a variety of factors, including the type of material you work with and the condition of your machines. However, when you choose the right high-performance insert, you can remove that variable from the list, because you know that you are getting a tool that is designed to keep giving you results for the long term.

As a business owner, you have a keen understanding of just how intensive the metalworking industry can be. It’s important that your tools and equipment provide results you can rely on every time you use them. From holemaking to cutting, carbide-based materials are technologically advanced and have continued to impress with high-performance, consistent results, and extended use.

For more guidance on choosing the right parts for your metalworking needs, you can chat with one of our Kennametal experts today.

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