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5 benefits of Cloud Software for Medical Practices

5 benefits of Cloud Software for Medical Practices

Every medical practice needs software to run efficiently and stay compliant with Medicare. But not all types of practice software are the same. Whether you’re starting up a new practice or looking to upgrade your existing software, it’s worth considering the benefits of cloud software for medical practices.

Here are five of the main benefits of using cloud software over more traditional on-premise software.

1. Security

When you use a reputable cloud based software solution, you’re getting the benefit of leading edge security including threat monitoring, around the clock. Unlike an on-premise solution where you are responsible for maintaining the security of your server and patient data, the cloud takes care of all this, with your server housed remotely in a secure data centre and a team of security specialists on hand to deal with potential threats before they become a problem.

2. Cost Savings

With any new software there are always initial setup costs, but the potential for cost savings is one of the main benefits of cloud software for medical practice. To start with there are fewer infrastructure needs – you won’t have to buy a server, or upgrade and maintain it – this in itself can be a big saving. Because the cloud is more flexible and can be accessed from any device, you can often reduce the number of computers required in the practice. There’s also less required in the way of third party IT support as you won’t be managing your security, data storage and backups or software updates.

3. Flexibility

The cloud is highly flexible – once your users have their accounts set up, they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This is useful for practices that see patients remotely, or for practitioners who work across multiple facilities as they can access their patient notes from their phone or laptop while on the move, make quick updates as needed and not have to spend time in the evenings typing up the day’s notes.

4. Time Savings

When compared to on-premise software, the cloud can save you time in a number of ways. To start with, you don’t have to do any upgrades – these are all taken care of for you in the background by your cloud provider. Cloud software is also designed to be quick and efficient to use, allowing your clinical and support staff to complete their work in the fewest possible clicks. These efficiency benefits can translate into greater productivity and more patients seen across your practice.

5. Scalability

Whether your practice is growing or you’re thinking about downsizing, scalability is much easier with a cloud software platform than an on-premise one. Adding new users to your cloud medical software is as easy as setting up new logins for them. There’s no need to buy, download and install the software for each user. With cloud there’s less wastage as you only pay for what you need so your practice can scale up and down quickly to meet the changing needs of your patients.

If you’re thinking about changing your clinical software, it’s a good idea to do your research and learn about all the different options available. There are a number of benefits of cloud software for medical practices that can help your practice reduce costs, run more efficiently and offer a more flexible solution for your staff and patients.

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