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5 Tech Devices for Cleaning Your House Efficiently

5 Tech Devices for Cleaning Your House Efficiently

Using technology to make life and chores easier is nothing new. However, if you want a sparkling clean Watten House condo without having to lift a finger (or with very minimal effort), we recommend you give these five devices/appliances a try.

Robot Vacuum

Robo vacuums revolutionized the way we sweep and vacuum our floors. Smart technology and apps now make it a hands-free affair, which means you can tell the robot to clean the kitchen or living room while you continue working or watching your favorite show.

Modern Air Conditioners

Modern energy-efficient air conditioners will have new features that aren’t present in yesterday’s models. Specifically, the ability to self-clean and eliminate particles, smoke, and odors in the room atmosphere. This means less time having to call it in for service and more time to do the other things you want.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are cheap and do a great job of improving air quality in a condo unit or room. Today’s purifiers can get rid of nasty odors as well as trap harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. You can even get one that doubles as a humidifier or a diffuser to make the place smell better.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are often seen in industrial cleaning applications and with good reason. This equipment can clear out grime, dust, and dirt in just a few seconds compared to traditional washing or scrubbing. You’ll need to be careful though, because a pressure washer isn’t the answer to everything- fragile materials can break easily under the concentrated jets of water.

Robot Window Cleaner

A robot window cleaner allows you to clean your windows inside and out without having to hang from the air. Simply follow the instructions and these devices will attach themselves to a window and make it sparkling clean and clear.

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