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6 Must-Have Home Appliances in 2024

6 Must-Have Home Appliances in 2024

Modern appliances bring technological benefits and lessen the work you have to do to get a delicious meal. Here are six home appliances you should buy in 2024.


Just like the name says, a multi-cooker can do many things, including boil, stew, steam, and bake. In a limited space such as a Meyer Blue condo, having an all-in-one appliance for cooking can be a blessing.

Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens quickly heat up food, including leftovers and such. For those who need a quick caffeine fix in the morning, simply pop in a microwave-friendly mug or cup with water and mix in soluble coffee.

Smart Lights

Smart bulbs have become cheaper as time goes by, and it’s a great investment for any home. The convenience of being able to turn a light on or off using an app without having to stand will grow on you. In some instances, you can control them even when you’re not at home.

Air Purifier

Improve air quality in a room or common space such as a living room with an air purifier. The energy costs are negligible and they can run all the time without consuming too much electricity. If you want to filter dust, pollen, and micro particulates, an air purifier in your condo is a must.

Ventilation System

All living spaces should have some form of ventilation where the air circulates and gets warmer/colder. HVACs, air conditioners, and exhaust fans are just some of the most common ventilation systems around.

Smart TV

Smart TVs can do a lot of things to entertain you while you stay in your home. Aside from being able to play streaming content, you can use it to play video games and even act as a second screen for your computer or laptop.

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