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7 Best SEO Tools According to Expert SEO Strategists

7 Best SEO Tools According to Expert SEO Strategists

Gone are the days when you could just log in and write about any topic that captivates your interests. Nowadays, to stay ahead of your competition, an evolving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and a comprehensive competition analysis are required to enhance your content.

Search Engine Optimisation, which refers to the process of enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic from search engines, continues to be the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. Optimising content will help users rank better and ensure that content is more visible through the web. Digital marketing agencies are constantly expanding their client’s visibility in organic search results to drive more visitors to their websites and ultimately secure profitable conversions.

Undertaking the task of monitoring competitors’ activity in the online space is an exhausting and finicky task. Luckily enough, with the help of SEO analysis tools, users are able to keep track of all the keywords, mentions and rankings that your competitors acquire. Now that’s pretty handy and impressive!

Fortunately, there are many SEO tools and platforms available that digital marketing agency can utilise to help improve its client’s SEO strategies. However, finding the right one that is best suited to assist your client is often a demanding task.

So, let’s dive into the seven most recommended SEO tools that SEO strategists suggest that even small business owners can understand.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a perfect all-rounder SEO tool, which allows users to find those profitable keywords, track your rank positions, analyse the top 100 ranking pages, study your competitors, promote content on social sites, and much more. It really is a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs!

SEMrush is an essential tool for running a business website or blog as users can examine the latest market trends to increase your site traffic while identifying better advertising opportunities. Business owners can rely on SEMrush to present the most relevant and accurate metrics for their target keywords.

As one of the top accessible SEO tools, SEMrush can perform comprehensive SEO audits to find out if there are any technical enhancements that can be made to assist users in achieving better search results. These audits can protect users from Google algorithms and aid in creating a superior linking strategy.

With these all-inclusive features, SEMrush is an ideal solution to get the most out of your organic performance. From content optimisation to keyword search to marketing, SEMrush will assist users each step along the way with precise information.

2. Moz Pro

Moz Pro offers a plethora of tools that bloggers and SEO strategists can use for their SEO content. Providing a collection of free resources for keyword research, link building and analysis, site metrics, listing audits, webpage performance, and more, Moz has become an all in one suite for SEO tools.

Moz Pro is a great starting tool for new entrepreneurs to dip their toes into the online world of content publishing. SEO strategists utilise MOZ to learn tricks of the trade whilst refining their strategies for content creation success.

What makes Moz Pro stand out against other SEO tools is Keyword Explorer. Moz Pro’s Keyword Explorer is one of the most extensive and most accurate SEO phrase databases available online. This tool helps discover and determine which keywords and keyword combinations are best to be targeted for your site. Users can view the organic click-through rate percentage, difficulty, volume, priority score, and mentions for any keyword given. There are no complicated charts to study or statistics to screen over, just straightforward SEO recommendations.

All things considered, Moz Pro is one of the best SEO platforms available.

3. Ahrefs

Since the introduction of Ahrefs, their SEO research tools have rapidly become one of the most popular and powerful on the market used to take business websites to the next level.

Ahrefs possesses the most extensive backlink index within the top SEO tools, with over 295 billion indexed pages and over 16 trillion backlinks. With an upgraded keywords explorer, plus a variety of tools for monitoring competition, Ahrefs is the perfect tool needed to increase traffic and overall rank better online.

Ahrefs has several fantastic features that help set it apart from other tools available, including an exclusive web crawler that is second to Google in size and speed. The best-in-class link analysis and powerful research tools help make Ahrefs one of the leading options for recognising and enhancing your domain’s online presence.

4. Majestic

Majestic is one of the oldest and consistently praised SEO tools by SEO veterans. The Majestic SEO Toolkit works as a site explorer, multi-purpose backlink checker, and all-around link profiler. Not only does Majestic give users insights into their own content’s statistics, but it assists as a spy of some sort into competitor’s backlinks too. Nevertheless, what better way to advance than to imitate and improve upon your peers?

Similar to other SEO services, Majestic’s toolkit includes everything from a site explorer to domain comparisons, keywords checkers, and flow metrics. Where Majestic really stands out is the high value of its link analysis. Majestic has crawled almost 500,000,000,000 unique URLs, which supplies documented data as far back as 2013. The benefit of this is that users are able to cross-check and track the backlink history of any domain. This feature is something few, if any, competing SEO tools can do.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu is an excellent alternative to SEMrush. As with most other competitive intelligence tools, SpyFu issues a robust set of reports to help digital marketers analyse their competitor’s backlinks, PPC activities and keywords.

SpyFu gathers data from the internet to identify keywords that companies and websites purchase using Google AdWords. They are then also matched with search terms so that users can gain more of an insight into the strings of words and searches for which they appear on Google’s search engine results page.

Essentially, SpyFu permits users to ‘spy’ on competitors by aiding in pinpointing the keywords that competitors are purchasing and selecting the phrases and keywords that produce the most traffic. This SEO technique can keep users a step ahead of other businesses or services in your industry and draw in more traffic to your sites.

There are only a select few SEO tools that come close to delivering the functionality and depth that you get with SpyFu.

6. SEO Spider

Optimising your website for SEO is a complex manual process that requires constant monitoring, making changes when necessary and fixing any issues as they occur. Frequent content audits, SEO audits and technical audits are needed. SEO Spider is one of the finest online tools that can help business owners carry out these different audits.

Initially created in 2010 by the figuratively named “Screaming Frog”, SEO Spider is one of the most popular online website crawling tools. SEO Spider was made to help businesses audit SEO issues, extract onsite data and analyse results in real-time. Checking page titles and metadata can be a lengthy process. SEO Spider does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

The most appealing feature of SEO Spider is its ability to carry out fast searches of URLs and can crawl your site to scan for any broken pages. Point at a site, and it will crawl it and show you all the details and data in easy to read tables. From here on, users can quickly sort pages with missing titles and metadata, tags of the wrong length, duplicates, and the number of links placed on each page.

7. Serpstat

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing solutions, Serpstat is an all-in-one solution. From optimising your SEO to content marketing campaigns and running your ads, Serpstat does just about everything. Serpstat puts forward a broad range of standard SEO tools that everyone finds handy, including cost per click analyses, search volume analytics, keyword research and PPC competition insights.

In fact, the most functional feature provided by Serpstat is performing in-depth audits of websites, right down to the keywords themselves and lost backlinks. In your favour, this feature is entirely automatic.

Serpstat has a list of prestigious clients that utilise their services to improve their SEO strategies on a daily basis. As an application that is extremely easy to use, Serpstat has a lot going for it.

Ready to optimise and evolve your content online? Get in touch with a reputable digital marketing agency!

Utilising these seven SEO tools can help business owners gain invaluable insights into not only how competitors are doing in their SEO endeavours but also how their own site is performing. Find out if your SEO efforts are paying off and whether or not you are generating a plausible ROI for your clients.

Are you bending over backwards to keep up with your own SEO content? A reputable digital marketing agency has got your back to assist you in driving your organic search results to gain profitable conversions.

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