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Best Music Recording Microphones So Far

Best Music Recording Microphones So Far

2023 is also a blast of an amazing year so far. Music lovers have been enjoying a kind of tremendous season from January to date. Thanks to our music artists for how they strive to bring on table the best melody, tones and all that. Behind all these, we have also found out that the recording of music deserves much better equipment to enhance the studio’s productivity. One of them is a music recording microphone.

As an artist, musician, rapper and singer, we believe that getting the best recording microphone for yourself is nothing but keeping on track with your natural voice. Meanwhile, we have listed just a few of music recording Microphone which popular artist use in making music.

From our close observations and research, most of Drake’s songs are recorded with “The Neumann U87 Ai.” It is one of the best microphones mostly used in the studio. This is because of how quality auto-filter is built with it. Check out the top five studio microphones ranked in 2023 so far.

Best Music Recording Microphones

Neumann U87 Ai

As said earlier, The Neumann U87 Ai is a popular recording microphone mainly used in studios for music recording. It is a rated load impedance of 1 Kohms. My many engineers love to use this particular microphone because it has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz. It is a great deal and a versatile microphone. It is a German-made microphone and of course, it is worth buying.

Sony C800G

Sony C800G is mostly loved because of its low noise and distortion. Just like the one mentioned above, if you think you don’t like U87 Ai, then one of the hip-hop professional producers Dr Dre once advised the importance of Sony C800G. One of these posts on Aswehiphop has explained the kind of microphone Dre uses in the studio and this C800G isn’t exceptional.

Mojave MA-300

This microphone is rated based on research. Mojave MA-300 can be the best alternative music recording microphone. It has been disclosed that MA-300 has this feature that allows you to switch for a high-pass filter and a built-in -15 dB pad. It also features a shock mount and is strongly built. It normally comes with a great deal.

Shure SM57

So what do we have here, the Shure SM57 microphone? Well, this is not just a microphone for producers but you can equally buy it for your home base use. Shure SM57. We have seen artists like Drake, Taylor Swift, John Legend and more use the Shure SM57. It is a unidirectional dynamic microphone that can give you what you are looking for. Clean sound and well-built noise filter on it.

Warm Audio WA-47Jr

WA-47Jr is quite expensive but guess what, the microphone is a professional one. According to Rusupaudio, “the transformerless large-diaphragm FET condenser mic is the most expensive mic you buy but for good reason.” if you need quality sound output, then WA-47Jr is all for you. It’s just an excellent music recording microphone preferred globally. You can’t find it in most music studios though.

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned microphone can be purchased on Amazon. They are all universally recognized equipment for producers, artists and more that has to do with music.

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