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Can You Make a Career Out of Esports?

Can You Make a Career Out of Esports?

The world of esports is constantly evolving. What used to be a sector only reserved for the most hardcore gamers has now become an area anyone can venture in.

The esports industry in Canada features many talented professionals from several areas of expertise. Such is the success of gaming that many Canadian online casino experts are moving out of this profitable business to focus on the ever-growing world of esports.

Take a look at some of the best jobs you can land within the field of esports. We’ll also be teaching you some tips and tricks on increasing your exposure in the market.

What Jobs Are Available in the Esports Industry?

As mentioned, the esports business is a versatile industry that requires many roles. Besides players, meet some of the most common types of jobs you can find:

What’s the Best Way to Start a Career in Esports?

Entering a new industry can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how to proceed. Luckily, getting started in esports is similar to other areas. Take a look at some of the best ways you can improve your exposure and experience in the field:

1.   Apply for Internships

Sometimes, all it takes is contacting the right person. Let esports companies, tournaments, and teams know how passionate you’re about the field. If you’re lucky, you may land an internship.

2.   Focus on Your Education

Nowadays, several universities have started to offer esports-based courses. Investing in your education is always a good idea, especially in an industry with great potential.

3.   Volunteer

LAN esports events like ESL Gaming and MLG usually rely on volunteers. Even though you won’t be paid, you can gain helpful insights into the business or connect with people who can help you get started.

4.   Rely on Your Skills and Interests

Finding a niche you’re good at is often the key to success. Limiting your options to something you’re skilled in can make it easier to find a new opportunity. For instance, why not reach out to esports media companies if you love video editing?

5.   Search for New Opportunities

Thanks to its huge growth, esports job opportunities are on the rise. Keep an open mind and regularly search job sites. Some of the most popular sites with esports jobs include Hitmarker and Glassdoor.

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