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Cruising Through the Ocean to Rule the Land: Shazmeer Jiwan and His Journey

Cruising Through the Ocean to Rule the Land Shazmeer Jiwan and His Journey

With over 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Shazmeer Jiwan is an idol for many. He is the owner of the African Marine and General Engineering Company Limited (AMGECO) and Sheheena Marina Apartments. Shazmeer Jiwan brings his expertise to his work and ensures exemplary results.

Though he has been working in the shipping and logistics industry for the past 20 years, Shazmeer Jiwan believes in expanding his horizon. His field of interest varies from blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to the effects of politics on different markets.

Shazmeer Jiwan has been trying to learn new things as he moves ahead in business. The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed him to understand the effects of such adversity. Let’s know more about the companies he operates.

African Marine

For the past 85 years, the African Marine and General Engineering Company Limited have earned a reputation in the marine and non-marine sectors. Located in Port Mombasa in Kenya, its strategic location has helped them a lot with their work. AMGECO offers services like ship repair and dry docking to detailed tasks regarding marine engineering.

The company serves as a great provider for all the vessels traveling from Europe, the Cape, India, and the Eastern part of the world. These vessels are traveling across the globe for global trade and transporting materials. AMGECO has helped boost the Kenyan economy with its competitive rates and skilled engineering force. These options have helped them earn a name for themselves as well as help them become a vital center for ship repairing.

The company is committed to providing the best service to every ship docked with them. They prove their worth by keeping up with the latest technology in the shipping field and upgrading their machines timely. By offering quality service with innovative ideas and years of expertise, AMGECO wishes to serve efficiently, benefiting the customers. Let’s move over from the sea and visit the land with the Sheheena Marina Apartments project by Shazmeer Jiwan.

The Sheheena Marina Apartments by Shazmeer Jiwan

Shazmeer Jiwan went a step ahead and decided to offer a resort-like luxurious experience to the people. With a 23-story building in the heart of Mombasa, right next to the Marina, Sheheena Marina Apartments are a dream come true. This residential tower is a mix of luxury and nature.

These 42 4-bedroom apartments offer a first-class residential experience to those looking to reconnect with nature. The tower is close to a filled market to satisfy your daily needs without compromising peace and luxury. The residential building is situated close to a commercial bank, and one can always visit nearby restaurants.

Along with this, the housing complex itself has a lot of services and activities that can keep you busy throughout the day. With a massive pool with a wooden deck and a multi-cuisine restaurant, every day will be a vacation for you. The apartments have an automated floating marina that allows you to park your boat close to your home. The residential complex is equipped with state-of-the-art security to ensure you and your loved ones stay safe 24×7.

This initiative by Shazmeer Jiwan has helped Mombasa in a big way. The revolutionary decision of building these luxury apartments has paved the path for international visitors and investors. His apartments offer premium luxury with elegance and simplicity, making them a perfect fit for everyone. The breathtaking view from the balcony will ensure you get an excellent start to your day.

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