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Different Types Of ONYC Hair Clip Ins To Try

Different Types Of ONYC Hair Clip Ins To Try

ONYC Hair Clip Ins have quite a reputation amongst its customers for being one of the best extensions. While many may argue with the notion, the quality of the extensions speaks for itself.

This article will walk you through the different types of ONYC Hair Clip Ins you should try and the benefits of getting them.

Why Try ONYC Hair Clip Ins?

Generally, clip in extensions are the most practical and affordable extensions you can get. Your natural tresses may be perfect. However, certain factors may not sit right with you. There is always a need for more volume or length.

The perfect extensions will inherently provide these needs like ONYC Hair Clip Ins. These products look very natural due to their quality. The strands come from reliable sources. They are Virgin cuticle human hair. These strands ensure the durability and versatility of the products. They are lightweight. This feature is perfect for fragile hair.

Types of ONYC Hair Clip Ins

ONYC Hair is an International Hair Company that offers a variety of clip in extensions that blend seamlessly with all kinds of tresses, providing volume and length while giving a natural look. Here are some of ONYC Hair clip ins.

Straight Texture

These products are perfect for customers with straight hair. The strands have a luxuriously soft and silky texture. They’re completely free of tangles, ensuring high durability.

Light relaxed clip ins:

This product from ONYC Hair mimics the African American texture after using a relaxer. This extension is exactly like that. It’s similar to type 1(straight) hair texture but still has that African texture. It’s smooth and silky.

Relaxed perm:

This ONYC product is similar to the light relaxed extensions. However, it’s sleeker with less body. It perfectly mimics African textured tresses after a silk press. The strands are very soft and silky.

Kinky straight:

These strands mimic the African American mane after a blowout. These extensions have more volume than relaxed tresses. They’re soft and very silky. The kinky straight adds volume to the mane, making it perfect for anyone with low density.

Tip: The straight textured clip ins are perfect for naturally straight/ permed hair.

Wavy and Curly

The company offers both wavy textured extensions. Both products mimic type 2 and type 3 hair.

Body-2-Wavy | Wavy strands:

This hair mimics the type 2b strands. It has narrow beautiful waves with a gorgeous silky texture. The product is perfect for achieving length. It’s a very classy weave. This ONYC Hair clip in is good for heat-styling as well.

Curly Addiction | Type 3b:

This extension is one of the most beautiful products in the company’s collection. With bouncy curls and lush texture ensuring volume, the strands are perfect. The tresses mimic 3b curls. It is also able to withstand heat-styling.

Kinky ONYC Hair Clip Ins

These are perfectly suitable for ladies with natural type 4 manes. It works well and blends with kinky tresses. There are two kinky products in the company.

Kinky 3B3C:

Recognized by InStyle Magazine, this product is perfect for ladies with a kinky mane. It’s got loose afro curls and an amazingly soft texture. It gives a lot of volume as well.

Tight kinky:

This texture mimics the type 4b and 4c strands. It has very tight curls with a zig-zag pattern. These curls have no definition due to the curl pattern. Though they offer a lot of volumes, they’re high maintenance. Hence, most customers prefer the ‘Kinky 3b3c’.

These ONYC Hair clip ins are great for any texture. They offer durability, comfort, and versatility. Visit the company’s website and try out these extensions today.

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