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Digital Life bank Is Building Products, Investing in Climate-Focused Artificial Intelligence Platform

Digital Life bank Is Building Products, Investing in Climate-Focused Artificial Intelligence Platform

The future of the world has been anticipated to be tech driven for over a century now, we have always seen sci-fi movies and novels that define how the world of the future is going to be. AI, Robotics, technology fused with humans, this is the future that we all imagine we would be living in. This might just become a reality based on the advances in technology we are seeing currently, these technologies are not a distant dream. However, we still might not be able to see the golden era that we have all been wanting to live in, due to the climate problem that the world is facing.

The biggest threat to humanity’s existence right now is the climate change threat, which has progressed so much that in a few years we might see mass extinction events of several species. This threat has been accelerated in the past few years due to the high energy requirements of modern technologies like blockchain and distributed computing. The amount of carbon-dioxide being produced and dumped into the atmosphere is unprecedented. While our environment suffers we see that most of the companies and governments around the world are asleep at the wheel. No one seems to be serious about the problem, but Digital Life Bank in a sea of companies that don’t care has decided to be the voice of reason and invest in products and companies working towards climate focused tech based on AI.

Digital Life fund has had the emerging technologies fund for a long time, the bank has been investing in up and coming tech with the fund, with insane returns. However, this time around the bank not only decided to come into the AI verse by making big investments in the area but also focus on climate change working on up and coming technologies as well as saving the environment, killing two birds with one stone. The fund will focus on AI based products that target problems related to climate change, companies have started sending proposals to the team at Digital Life Bank, the team will soon choose some companies and products to invest in. It has not been disclosed about the size of the fund, however, it is interesting to note that the bank invested over $50 million in a cryptocurrency project based on climate friendly blockchain. So it can be anticipated that the size of the fund is considerable.

With this considerable fund we can see millions of dollars coming intot next generation AI platforms driven towards climate. This will not only further enhance the amount of money coming into AI driven climate projects but will also help in boosting the company’s expense on the corporate social responsibility front bringing tax incentive to the bank and even though the technology is in nascent stage with the implementation of these AI the bank may see a rapid gain in its investments considering the growth and the scope of the technology and the projects.

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