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Focus on Amnesia

Focus on Amnesia

Nowadays, in some countries, the consumption of cannabis is no longer repressed. Science has managed to demonstrate the therapeutic effects of this plant. Thus, many hemp and cannabis products are flooding the markets. The selling technique has changed from informal street sales to a trade at the level of pharmacies. The cultivation of cannabis has been perfected to give birth to more and more efficient plants. This culture is oriented towards a therapeutic field where the important thing is to find a remedy based on this plant. Thus are born certain products like Amnesia Haze CBD.

Presentation of the amnesia Haze CBD

Origin and morphology of this plant

Amnesia Haze CBD is a hemp seed which was softened to allow its user to benefit from the benefits of the original Amnesia.

This refined version of Amnesia comes from a mixture between an original Amnesia and a pure CBD.

It was conceived to delight the fans of genetics.
It has a balanced and energizing effect.
It is what differentiates it from its elder which has a very great euphoric power.

The rate of cannabidiol will allow to keep the control. Its culture is similar to the Sativa.

The Amnesia Haze CBD is a plant resulting from the cannabis in which the genes of Sativa dominate.

The crossing with CBD or cannabidiol reduces by 40 % the dominance of Sativa. It has a very big size notwithstanding its open structure.

This will facilitate the arrival of air and light in every part of the plant.

The problems of humidity will be thus eliminated. Also, the head of the plant will be rigid.

However, the plant is not discreet.

It will be difficult to plant it discreetly in a house.

It requires a large space to ensure its development.

When it does grow, it will quickly become visible, as the genes of the original Amnesia are very strong.

Although smaller than the original, Amnesia Haze CBD will need a large space for it to stretch.

Cultivation and production of the Amnesia Haze CBD

The culture of this plant of cannabis requires a big space and an anti-smell filter (especially if you want to make a culture in inside).

This is necessary, because with its very open structure, vertical and horizontal stretching will occur.

It is necessary to take into account this detail especially before making it germinate. Otherwise, the plant risks not to develop in a normal way.

The very big size of the Amnesia Haze CBD does not imply the use of big quantities of nutrients and fertilizers.

The aroma of this plant is rather original.
We thus advise not to use many fertilizers not to stop the terpenes of the plant.

A watering and a constant lighting will be enough. The process of culture could last 3 weeks.

The heads can thus appear between 60 and 65 days after the bloom.

The productivity is one of the biggest advantages of the Amnesia Haze CBD.

Indeed, it holds that of the original Amnesia.

The productivity will be found in all the compartments of the plant.

It will concern first of all the head. Then, the Amnesia CBD also produces big quantities of resin.

The flowers of the Amnesia CBD are rather big, but are smaller compared to those of the original.

The flowers are also very compact. As for the resin, those having a small weakness for the genetics full of trichomes will have to taste Amnesia Haze CBD.

Indeed, when the last bloomings come, the flower will become very sticky.

Characteristics of this flower of CBD : flavors and effects

Aromas and flavors of the Amnesia Haze CBD

When it comes to the aroma, Amnesia Haze CBD has some special features. This plant has an aroma and a flavor which are rather marked. This characteristic appears from the bloom. The aroma Haze will gradually invade the nostrils. The expectations of the consumers of Haze will be satisfied with this plant. One can even say that the aroma is very original, because it will be provided with new nuances.

The effects of the Amnesia Haze CBD

The biggest asset of the Amnesia Haze CBD lies in its effects.

The plant will be able indeed, to change the mood of a person.

This is possible thanks to the sensations that it will cause.

The muscles of your face will undergo a stimulation which will change its expression.

You will be relaxed without even realizing it. You will be filled with joy, optimism and energy in your body.

However, its power is relatively low. Indeed, its elder is known to make lose the memory where from its name ” Amnésia “.

The Amnesia Haze CBD will be on the other hand a better version. The undesirable effects will be removed in this plant. It will thus remain only the wellbeing.

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