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How to Create Amazing Graphics with Your Smartphone

How to Create Amazing Graphics with Your Smartphone

Designing graphics on your mobile phone is not an easy feat. It is significantly harder to edit anything on your phone than on the laptop. As a graphic designer, you must appreciate the complexity of designing using mobile technology. While phones were mainly used to communicate in the past, this is no longer the case.

Today, if you own a smartphone, you are walking around with a mini-computer in your pocket. You can use your phone to create content and even wage on your favorite sports and casino games on the betway app. Here are some tips for creating amazing graphics using your mobile phone.

1. Use a variety of resolutions

When designing graphics from your mobile phone, remember that mobile screens are small compared to desktop monitors, which you are used to working on. Desktop monitors are much larger and often display graphics at 1920 × 1200 resolution or higher.

Mobile phones have different resolutions and sizes, so it is no longer possible to design using a single format. Consider coming up with multiple graphics to get an idea of how they will appear on different devices.

2. Utilize a fluid layout

Most smartphones are fitted with a G-sensor, which collects information on the phone’s orientation to display the information correctly. The display can be either landscape or portrait, depending on how you hold the phone.

Pay attention to this, and ensure that your designs have a fluid layout. Create both landscape and portrait layouts to allow your graphics to fit these orientations.

3. Keep the files small

When creating graphics for mobile websites, consider the user’s connection. Always optimize your images for a lower load time because not everyone can access 4G connectivity. Coverage in some areas is not as fast as it is in others.

Also, consider cutting down on code and removing unnecessary tags and comments. Compress your images and files to reduce download time further.

4. Opt for the PNG image format

The format used for your images determines whether the images that you create are usable for mobile devices. The PNG format, unlike others, gives you a greater depth for the color of your images.

It also has partly transparent pixels, allowing you to take advantage of the alpha transparency. Finally, the PNG format is entirely lossless.


There are several ways for graphic designers to ensure that their graphics are excellent, even if you are using your phone. Tips like the ones above will go a long way in ensuring that you design excellent graphics for your clients.

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