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Injuries With Delayed Symptoms Following A Car Accident

Injuries With Delayed Symptoms Following A Car Accident

It is not uncommon for victims of car accidents to walk away from the accident site believing that they have not been injured or sustained any severe injuries. This usually occurs due to the rush of adrenaline after an accident. The adrenaline rush depresses the feeling of pain or other discomforts.

Victims must understand that some injuries have immediately visible symptoms, while some injuries do not show signs immediately, but when their symptoms arrive, the situation may get out of hand.

In such cases, a victim is advised to get a complete body check-up after an accident to rule out any possibilities of complications. Moreover, the compensation a victim demands may not include compensating for the symptoms that have not appeared. Therefore, a Queens car accident lawyer suggests their victims demand compensation for future medical bills and expected damages.

Injuries with delayed symptoms

1. Whiplash.

Sudden back and forth movement of the head due to the sudden jerk may damage soft tissues and other structures in the region of the neck, shoulder, or back. Some victims have shown symptoms immediately, while some may not.

2. Concussion

Banging of the brain against the skull due to intense force can lead to a concussion. A victim may not be able to understand at first, but later symptoms like Headaches, Dizziness and disorientation, Mood swings, Changes in appetite or sleep habits, and more may develop.

3. Internal bleeding

Damage to the internal organs or rupture of the vessels may lead to internal bleeding. Symptoms of internal bleeding may or may not appear immediately following a car accident. The most common symptoms include:

4. Back injuries

Injuries like Whiplash, Herniated disk, Sprains or strains, and other Spinal injuries may lead to back pain. However, the pain that arises due to such injuries may take time to appear.

5. Emotional injuries

Some victims may face mental trauma after a car accident. They may get anxious, nervous, depressed, or may enter a state of post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychotherapy is required for a victim to get better.

How will hiring a lawyer benefit a victim?

Lawyers are professional and have a complete understanding of the law. Moreover, they know how to negotiate with insurance companies. Also, they know how to collect evidence and prepare witnesses. Furthermore, the wages and profits a victim may lose due to the injury, a lawyer can also get compensation for them.

Getting in touch with a lawyer can help you understand whether you qualify for compensation or not.

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