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Lifestyle Considerations for Future House and Condo Owners

Lifestyle Considerations for Future House and Condo Owners

Living in a condo such as the Parktown Residences and a detached house have significant differences in terms of lifestyle. When you’re shopping for a house and are on the fence about the two, here are some points to consider.

Privacy versus Accessibility

The general logic is that the smaller the space the less privacy you’d get. This applies to accommodations such as hotels, condos, and apartments. On the other hand, having a standalone structure such as a house provides greater privacy.


Function varies per homeowner and will depend entirely on their lifestyle and what they need in their current life phase. A condo might fit small families and couples better if the location is great and they have all they need in close proximity. For a large family, however, having more space and rooms takes higher priority above all else.

Health and Fitness

Houses located at the heart of the city are typically more expensive compared to a condo in the same location. In regions where square footage is measured and multiplied, it might make more sense to settle in a condo for convenience. It’s worth noting that a large percentage of condos offer in-house amenities such as gyms, parks, and swimming pools so you can exercise and get fit without leaving the building.


Cost aside, condo units are usually better placed than standalone homes. If your lifestyle dictates a higher quality of life, convenience, and easy access to the things you need, then a condo might be for you. Work, school, and a nearby mall or hospital can greatly affect your choices when buying a new house. Depending on your budget, you might end up in a moderately-sized house in a reasonable location or a condo with an excellent location.

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