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The Role of Carpets in our Home

The Role of Carpets in our Home

Home textiles are Essential Accessories for any home, Apartment or Even Workplace, Office.

Home textiles are essential accessories for any home, apartment or even workplace, office. Of the various home textiles, the most common are the use of curtains, rugs, tablecloths, bedspreads and pillows.

For easy-to-clean, practical parquet, wood or stone tiles or even linoleum floors, the use of carpets is definitely recommended. Rugs make the atmosphere of the rooms pleasant, provide a warm feeling and last but not least, improve the sound of the rooms. You can find such rugs on the German Perfect Acoustic website:

It Doesn’t Matter what Type of Rug we Choose!

Carpets are also suitable for fencing and separating parts and areas of our apartment and home. For example, if you have a kitchen, dining room and living room in one space, a nice rug will also function as a room divider. The furnishing of a room becomes complete with carpets or rug floors. The mats also provide a feeling of warmth, so if, for example, we sit on the mat, relax, exercise, or the children play there, they will not catch a cold. If you also choose a non-slip accessory for your rug, you don’t have to be afraid of slipping and falling. If there is an old floor in the house that needs to be renovated, or if something more serious damage is tarnishing the floor, we can use carpets to hide these defects, or the less showy, old outdated floor. A beautiful carpet of a colored or patterned material will elevate the atmosphere of the rooms.

When buying carpets, consider the purpose of use in the first place, because it does not matter in which room or for what purposes we will use them. If the rug will be subjected to heavy use, it is worth choosing an easy-to-clean, durable type. It is also important that it retains its colour for a long time and does not fade.

Should we Choose a Short or Long Thread Carpet?

Of course, cleaning long-pile carpets can be a bit more problematic, but at the same time they provide a softer, more pleasant, warmer feel, and they are also more effective in absorbing sound than short-stemmed types.

If easier cleaning is the main consideration, buy shorter mats, but if you also want to improve the acoustics of your room, get thick, densely woven acoustic mats as they can absorb large amounts of sound, thus preventing sound from reflecting back from hard surfaces. echoes. We can even cover the floor of the whole apartment with carpets, so we can handle the sound even more effectively.

Design and quality are also very important when choosing a rug. The best quality, most beautiful types are Persian rugs that are hand woven. These are durable and acoustically ranked among the best rugs, but the goods are quite tall and even unaffordable for some.

Not only are carpets useful in our homes, but a durable, rugged, easy-to-clean carpet can be a practical choice in hotels, catering establishments, or even industrial plants and offices. In hotels, guests usually like to relax in peace and quiet, so it is recommended to place carpets in the corridors and rooms, which muffle the sound of falling and footsteps.

It is also possible to get carpets for industrial use, which are resistant to chemicals and can also be cleaned with bleach, so they are also suitable for heavy use.

Rugs radiate harmony, homeliness and beauty. It is much more pleasant to step on a soft, sinking, pleasant-to-the-touch carpet than on a cold, brittle floor.

When looking for rugs in your room, consider the style, colors and design of that room. We choose strong colours and variegated patterns only if the other furnishings and ornaments of the house are more neutral in colour. One of the most popular colours is beige and its shades, as it goes well with patterns with almost any other shade.

It is recommended to place carpets in every room of the house, if we have a home cinema room, we can also perfect the sound of our home cinema system with an acoustic carpet developed for thick, densely woven sound insulation. Acoustic mats are available in several thicknesses and the amount of sound they absorb also varies according to their weight and thickness.

Carpets significantly affect the atmosphere of the rooms, we can achieve a more beautiful environment and better acoustics.

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