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The situation in Sri Lanka after President Resigns

The situation in Sri Lanka after President Resigns

We are all aware of the most rapid change. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka, has resigned from office. It is big news for both the nation and its neighbors. After leaving Sri Lanka and arriving in Singapore, he sent an email resigning.

The Speaker of Sri Lanka’s Parliament announced the resignation, which was confirmed later. According to the source, the speaker got an email late on Thursday.

The situation after his resignation

● Protesters turn over occupied government facilities

It has been noted that the protesters who had occupied the four government structures have returned them to the relevant authorities. In addition, Shabeer Mohamed, the protest’s organizer, told Al Jazeera that Temple Trees, the official house and office of the prime minister, had already been restored to the police. However, the protesters have opted to keep a section of the Presidential secretariat closest to their primary demonstration location. Click here to read more.

● The army claims the right to use force in order to defend people and property

Armed forces in Sri Lanka contend that using power to defend public property and human life is crucial. According to police sources, unrestrained skirmishes on Wednesday near the parliament and the prime minister’s office resulted in one person dying and 84 others injured.

● China requests collaboration from “all sectors” to address the problem

Given that China is Sri Lanka’s neighbor, China calls for an end to the current crisis the nation is experiencing. They are moving forward for the good of the island country. In addition, it is imperative that all sectors work together to improve living conditions, achieve economic security, and restore stability.

● New Delhi protests on behalf of Sri Lanka

Our nation’s capital, Delhi, is also being confronted by the demonstrators who assembled in front of the Sri Lankan embassy in New Delhi. During the event, the participants yelled chants supporting the protests in Sri Lanka.

● Singapore permits Rajapaksa access but denies his plea for asylum

The admission of Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka, into Singapore had authorized by the Sri Lankan foreign ministry. It is on a private visit. The President of Sri Lanka neither requested nor was given refuge.


As a result of his resignation, Sri Lanka is experiencing severe consequences and a crisis. Due to the nation’s failing economy, it has become increasingly difficult to buy food, fuel, and medical supplies. The nation is currently dependent on the International Monetary Fund and its neighbors, including China and India, because of the financial crisis. Due to the over 80% fall of the currency, Sri Lanka’s exports and imports are too costly. Additionally, it is surprising to observe that individuals there are skipping meals while standing in long lines to purchase the limited gasoline and cooking gas.


In conclusion, as neighbors, we should pray for the country’s and its economic status to improve and re-growth. We can spread the need to help through social media to several people. You can know more about the latest news trend on newbeast.

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