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Top Software Testing Certifications for 2024

Top Software Testing Certifications for 2024

It is important to ensure the quality and reliability of the app in software development. Software testers are responsible for catching bugs, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and performing functionality validation, which often can stop planned software from being released. For a professional to enhance their skills and knowledge, they seek different top software testing certifications for 2024 and display them as validation of their expertise and proficiency.

In this blog, we will explore the top software testing certifications for 2024, offering insights into their prerequisite exam formats and the benefits they bring to professionals in the automation testing field.

Top Software Testing Certifications

Here are some of the top software testing certifications of 2024:

LambdaTest certifications

LambdaTest offers certifications to help professionals validate their skills and expertise in various aspects of software testing and automation.

It is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform to run manual and automated tests at scale. The platform allows you to perform both real-time and automation testing across 3000+ environments and real mobile devices.

 These certifications cover various categories, including Selenium, Playwright, Cypress, Appium, and more. By earning LambdaTest certifications, individuals can demonstrate their proficiency in using the LambdaTest platform and technologies to enhance their testing processes and deliver high-quality software products.

ISTQB certifications

The ISTQB Foundation Level certification applies to those aspiring to start up careers in testing as testers without any requirement for particular eligibility. ISTQB Foundation Level certification exam format is multiple-choice, and 40 questions are to be completed for 60 minutes with an additional 15 minutes of convenience time for those with nonnative language. The pass grade is 65%, and the exam fee is $250.

The ISTQB Foundation Level certification offers several benefits, such as establishing common testing principles and terminology within the software team and meeting the requirements for various job postings and certification pathways. Passing the exam allows candidates to be listed on the ISTQB as successful candidates.

Certified Associate in Software Testing

The CAST certification serves as one of the top software testing certifications. To qualify for this certification, individuals must meet specific prerequisites, which include holding either a 3 or 4-year degree from an accredited institution, a 2-year degree from an accredited institution coupled with 1 year of IT services experience, or possessing 3 years of relevant IT services experience.

Upon meeting the eligibility criteria, candidates must pay a certification fee of $100, which can be conveniently processed online. The comprehensive certification exam covers various skill areas essential for proficient software testing. These include creating an efficient cloud testing platform or ecosystem, adept project management thorough risk assessment, effective test case design, meticulous checkpoint reviews, specialized technology testing, and the ability to interpret data for reporting metrics and graphs.

Getting the CAST certification is proof of expert knowledge in software testing and leads to many job openings in the IT sphere. It reflects a candidate’s dedication to perfection in their area and is an asset in job competitions.

Certified Software Quality Analyst Certification

The CSQA is one of the top software testing certifications. To qualify for this esteemed certification, candidates must meet specific criteria outlined by the certification board. Eligibility criteria include holding a 4-year, 3-year, or 2-year degree from an accredited institution and varying years of IT services experience. Candidates may qualify with 6 years of substantial experience in IT services. The certification fee varies from $350 to $450, with detailed payment terms in the policy section of the certification provider’s website.

The CSQA exam evaluates candidates’ competencies across various essential quality assurance and software testing areas. Acquiring CSQA certification not only proves expertise in quality assurance but also conveys an individual’s observance of the definition of a software tester. This certification can be a key to great career advancement, resulting in greater job prospects, higher income, and recognition in software testing.

Certified Quality Engineer Certification

The CQE certification is one of the top software testing certifications. It is priced at $533 and chooses two exam modes. Candidates can choose the traditional format in different languages with 160 questions that need to be solved within just 5 hours.

To be eligible for the CQE certification, applicants must have either 8 years of experience in CQE-related areas or 3 years of experience in a decision-making role that involves quality inspection processes. The exam covers various topics like service quality control statistical modeling, human factors metrology in management information systems, proficiency in validation verification, sampling distribution capability studies, and statistical risk assessment.

The CQE certification demonstrates a candidate’s expertise in quality engineering and validates their ability to make informed decisions in quality inspection processes. This certification can significantly enhance career prospects in quality engineering roles, leading to greater job opportunities and professional recognition.

Certified Manager of Software Testing

The CMST certification is one of the top software testing certifications. It is designed for individuals aspiring to take on management roles in software testing. The multiple-choice test includes 100 questions; candidates must show at least 70 accurate answers to graduate. Priced at $450, the certification evaluates candidates’ proficiency in various areas essential for software testing management.

These include resource planning, ensuring traceability and control throughout testing, designing products that align with customer requirements, and managing releases to meet competitive market quality standards.

Certified in CMST demonstrates one’s competency in software testing management, advances one’s credibility, and opens the door for career growth in this area of expertise. This certification would prove the candidate’s expertise in software testing and management, thus making the candidate a valuable asset in the software testing industry.

Certified Software Tester Certification

CSTE certification is one of the top software testing certifications. It establishes foundational qualification standards and provides a structured educational program to enhance testing practices. To be eligible for the CSTE certification, candidates must meet one of four prerequisites, including holding specific degrees and accumulating years of experience in the IT industry. The CSTE certification process consists of two parts administered at Pearson Vue Testing Centers.

The certification process for CSTE consists of two parts; both are provided at Pearson Vue Testing Centers. Candidates receive the Software Testing Body of Knowledge during CSTE enrollment. This program offers candidates basic and advanced knowledge essential for effective software testing. It covers comprehensive content comprising tests, methodologies, techniques, and best practices. 

International Software Testing Qualifications Board Agile Tester Certification

ISTQB Agile Tester Certification delivers result-oriented skills to testers. Agile testing allows the testers to realize their capabilities and attain the highest performance. The exam consisted of 40 multiple-choice questions, lasted for one hour, and cost $150.

The options are equally available for anyone, such as a fresher or expert in software testing, to qualify for this certification. Eligibility for the certification is open to anyone, regardless of whether they are fresher or more experienced in software testing.

The Unified Functional Testing v14.x Certified Professional UFT120-14-ASP certification

The Unified Functional Testing v14.x Certified Professional UFT120-14-ASP certification is one of the top software testing certifications. Previously referred to as MacroFocus Unified Functional Testing, this certification was the latest of the QuickTest Professional certifications, and it has been a real career enhancer for software testers.

The examination has 45 Mcqs and a total duration of 120 minutes. They will be certified only if they score a minimum of 70%. The Macro Focus Foundation is willing to invest resources and efforts into maintaining certification to retain its market value.

Companies that recognize these certifications can utilize this opportunity to navigate their professional careers to the next level. A $200 worth of software testing certification is a great deal for those looking to invest in enhancing their credentials and visibility.

This certification offers a valuable asset for software testing professionals, providing them with the knowledge and recognition necessary to improve their careers and contribute effectively to software testing.

Certified Software Test Professional Associate Level

The Certified Software Test Professional Associate Level (CSTP-A) certification is one of the top software testing certifications that appeals to people initiating their testing career and wish to understand professional QA practices thoroughly. Developed to ensure a great foundation for testing software principles and practices, the CSTP-A curriculum covers issues of keeping track of defects, static testing, test automation, and management and design techniques.

An important advantage of the CSTP-A Certification is its availability to freshers who are the ultimate beneficiaries of having the work as their initial point of entry into the field of software testing.

It provides students, especially beginners, with information on how to get into a career and gain useful knowledge and skills in the area of testing software for $120 only. CSTP-A certification serves as a stepping stone for newcomers in the industry, equipping them with the necessary tools and expertise to excel as QA professionals.

Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester

The Advanced Level of Agile Technical Tester certification is for testers who are ready to extend their competencies in Agile testing. It is a way for testers to upgrade their competence and knowledge in the said field.

An exam has 40 multiple-choice questions with a minimum pass of 65% and a time limit of one and a half hours. The course fee is $249, which is reasonable for any practicing Agile testing professional looking to further their career.

Eligibility criteria for the certification include holding a valid certification of Certified Tester Foundation Level and a valid Agile Tester Certification. Additionally, candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute and have relevant working experience in software testing.

Acquiring the Technology Agile Technical Tester Certification not only attests to the tester’s expertise in Agile testing techniques but also opens the way for advancement and career opportunities in software testing at the same time. By earning this certification, professionals gain the required competencies to succeed in Agile testing environments and give highly to Agile project outcomes.


In conclusion, software testing requires professionals to continuously update their knowledge of the latest tools, techniques, and methodologies. The certifications discussed in this blog are essential for achievement and guide software testers as they strive for mastery in their field. Whether it involves building a solid foundation with the ISTQB Foundation Level certification or focusing on agile testing practices, each certification offers a clear route to career growth and acknowledgment within the industry. Pursuing these certifications enables software testers to enhance their expertise, expand their career prospects, and play a significant role in delivering quality software solutions in today’s market.

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