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Volcán Tajumulco: Active Volcano

Volcán Tajumulco Active Volcano

Volcán Tajumulco is a volcano in western Guatemala. It has a height of 4,203 meters and a diameter of 55 kilometers. The mountain is part of the Sierra del Cielo range, which is located in the Central American Volcanic Arc.

The mountain was formed by volcanic activity beginning about 14 million years ago, and it is still active today. The volcano is located in the Sierra de las Minas District, approximately 100 kilometers north of Guatemala City. The volcano was named after an indigenous group called the Tajumulcos who lived nearby. In fact, there are signs that it may become more active in the near future. Because of this potential for eruption, Volcán Tajumulco poses a threat to people living nearby but also to those traveling through this area who could be affected by ash from an eruption. Few years back when it began erupting again, the eruption lasted for several weeks and caused major damage to the surrounding area, including damage to roads and bridges.

The volcano was named after an indigenous group called the Tajumulcos who lived near its base before european settlers arrived in the area.

It is most famous for being a major tourist destination because of its stunning views and incredible biodiversity. The hike up to its crater takes about 2 hours; however, more difficult hikes can be taken to enter other areas within the volcano. The hike up the volcano is worth it, as it will give you a chance to see what life would have been like during ancient times when people lived on this mountain instead of just visiting it as tourists today!

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