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What Does CFS Mean On Instagram

What Does CFS Mean On Instagram

The social media world has opened a gateway of technological and millennial slang which can only be understood by both the experts and all-time users.

Should you be new to Instagram, you might have seen or heard of CFS and you might be wondering what that is in the history of IG.

There is no heavy algorithm involved in this as this is only an acronym that actually means Close Friends Story. If you think this is some kind of technical terminology reserved for millennial techs, you can think again.

As to when this is used and how it came about, a few users may have just had an idea.

In order to be tagged as someone who belongs, you must know the “ins” and the “latest” in the social media you have been engaged in most of the time.

For instance, your best friend suddenly exclaimed such an acronym and you might grope around your vocabulary as to what you have missed not knowing what it means.

Well, fuss no more as the easiest explanation to that is simply straightforward – close friend story.

The Origin of CFS

Instagram is not just a platform for posting so the public can see. It is also a platform for select friends or close friends only.

There had been a time when the hashtag CFS or #CFS made rounds in the Instagram and Twitter World. This is when an Instagram user posts a photo or reel intended to be seen by only a few.

For instance, the user only wants her close friends to see what was posted.

The purpose is to specify and make the post only visible to those who are supposed to see it. It is almost equivalent to filtering the audience or the Instagram friends who can interact, like, and comment. You can see what someone likes, easily,

Facts You Need to Know About CFS

No matter how broad and expansive Instagram as a social media is, it is conservative enough to have arranged a setting where the user can customize the fellow IG people who can see what’s going on.

There are a few things anyone can tick off their CFS questions being answered with the following quick facts.

  1. You can use #CFS to find your close friends on Instagram. In fact, even those acquaintances that you knew, you can find them.
  2. You can check profiles and see whether someone is following you or not. Make use of CFS. You have to follow those profiles though, so you can check in their comment pages whether or not you are following each other.
  3. Using the CFS feature is actually similar in terms of searching for your friends on Instagram. Put the hashtag (#) before every word or profile you are looking for so the app can filter the profiles or Instagram posts available.
  4. When a friend or an acquaintance asks you to add them in your CFS, that means you might want to add them to your Close Friend’s Story. Now all you have to do is have it, as requested.
  5. You cannot utilize CFS when you go Live.This is basically a private story and there is a high possibility for a Live post to get noticed by the public, and not just by those supposed to be tagged as CFS.

How To Find Among Friends with CFS

Being able to control your social media circle can be liberating.

Say you are not the type who would want the whole Instagram public, with all its billions of users, to see what’s up about you according to what you post, this is the perfect feature for you.

Considering you want to be in, and so you can customize your friends on Instagram, here is a  list of a few things you can work to get it done.

  1. Launch Instagram and log in to your account using your username and password.
  2. Scroll further down below until you find the More icon. Tap on that. A new page will display.
  3. Right up at the right hand corner of your device screen shows Settings. Click on it.
  4. Scroll down further until you find the About part. Tap on it and a new page will display over. This will give you the option to type inside a Text Box. You are not supposed to miss it as it will just be right below the About label.
  5. Type CFS in the text box. Ensure that you are using uppercase or capital letters when typing in. A misspelling might get you different results. You are supposed to see whether or not someone has added CFS on their Instagram profile.

Create an Instagram CFS

Now, once you have checked, go ahead and Create your own CFS.

Click on your profile icon located at the bottom right corner of your screen.

  1. When you click on the Menu, a Close Friends option will pop up. Click on it.
  2. A new window will show up to Get Started. Tap on this and this is the time where you tick the names of those IG friends that you want to be included in your private Instagram circle.
  3. Once done, click on Create List. Now, you are good to go. You have just created your personal Close Friend Story list and moving forward, you will have the same circle, unless you want to add more or remove one or two from the existing circle.

Even if social media is intended to connect more and more people both near and far, it is still essential to keep your Instagram circle customized.

This will give you the freedom to filter toxic friends and even select who you think are only supposed to be knowing anything about your socials.

There is peace of mind of not flaunting everything to the public, especially if what you are posting are some things that might trigger unnecessary reactions or comments.

The bottom line is you can have CFS as your private bubble while you are out and about on Instagram.

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