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Why You Should Insulate Your Garage

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage

Citizens of the United States of America adore cars and simply cannot imagine their life without this vehicle anymore. Why should they if the whole country is built in such a way that it is more convenient and efficient to commute and travel by car, and accommodate in houses with a garage next to it. Moreover, the USA is a country which is associated with business, hence, there is a plethora of businesses which develop every day and need to have a garage on their industrial property for various cases.Depending on your needs you should keep in mind that your garage must be a warm, comfortable, and secured place all year round and commercial garage door insulation would be of a great help in this case.

Reasons to have insulated Garage

Homeowners and business owners always try to seek new ways how to secure their real estate and keep heating and cooling costs down but still create normal conditions in their spaces, garages specifically. As practice shows, a garage is usually attached to the house of the office building and shares some walls with said dwellings and may cause additional temperature fluctuations. Since a garage is something that is frequently used for different purposes, insulation must be used to make the space more protected from outer causes.

There are many types of insulation on the market that are worth its competition depending on the space you are looking to use it at. However, one universal solution is an insulated garage door. The benefit of an insulated door is the reduction of heat or cold air transfer directly into the garage. Since every property is connected with the garage favorable conditions will be ubiquitous.

A myriad of reasons for an an insulated garage door would prove that it is worth the money and the trouble, but here are the most common ones:

  1. Close attachment of a garage to a property. Insulated garage doors will work as a barrier and ensure that there are no more rapid temperature fluctuations.
  2. More protection. You may already have insulation in some parts of your real estate, such as walls and ceilings. Adding more insulation to the doors will create extra dimension and strengthen the efficiency of a home or an office.
  3. No more splurging. Insulation with its additional layer creates a lot of constant temperature which is able to save energy inside the property, resulting in slashed monthly consumer bills.
  4. Comfort is a priority. Garage can be such a versatile place. For instance, some use it for a spare bedroom, others workout there or create an individual working space. Despite not initial use, insulation will keep the temperature in the garage in a narrow range in comparison with outside ones.

Insulating Methods

Insulated garage doors are great at blocking the outside noise and hussle because special materials absorb everything. Also, insulation strengthens the garage door itself and makes the doors impact-resistant by preventing cars crashing in.

There are many insulation methods both, long-lasting and short-lived. Below you may find the most common insulation methods:

1. Fiberglass insulation

The most wide-spread type of commercial garage door insulation is fiberglass. Usually it goes for framing but can be easily installed on either new or pre-existing commercial garage doors. Such kind of material is affordable for the customers, is easy to order and work for in pre-cut batts. Additionally, with proper installation fiberglass insulation provides fire hazard risk. However, this material is highly vulnerable to moisture.

2. Rigid foam insulation

Rigid foam insulation comes in panels which are made from a material called polystyrene which bears resemblance with styrofoam. This material is quite light and does not add any weight to the garage door. Also, these panels are easy to work with since they are made out of thin, cuttable yet rigid material. This material will protect property from the outside noise.

3. Garage door insulation

It is the perfect fit for the doors in particular. If you opt for this material it is necessary to protect all walls and ceiling with it, as well as the door. This garage door insulation is also known as a reflective insulation because it works with a reflective material such as aluminum foil. Said method is supposed to be one of the most effective in reflecting any heating, therefore it is the best choice for hot and stuffy areas.

The door, unlike walls and ceiling, requires a different type of insulation. Also, budget is a major thing for you because depending on it you may opt for a prompt installation on environmentally-friendly materials which cost more.

Another vital point is to understand the main purpose of a garage. If you use it only as a storage for a car or cars and other items then having proper door insulation will be more than enough. Also, it would be necessary in keeping warm temperatures in the property becauseĀ  a poorly insulated door will allow hot and cold air into your home. Note that extreme temperatures can damage all possible belongings, hence, insulation would be a nice protection.


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