Wondershare UniConverter: Best Video Converter In 2022 With New Tools

Wondershare UniConverter Best Video Converter In 2022 With New Tools

People use a popular app to remove vocals audacity whenever they need to, that is until the time they hear about this new vocals remover tool that takes things to a whole new level of ease and delight. What are we even talking about? We are talking about Wondershare UniConverter, a professional complete video toolbox that can now help you remove vocal tracks from audio files when you are not using it for your video requirements!

Part I: About Wondershare UniConverter

If you are not in the know, Wondershare UniConverter is your complete video toolbox and by that it is meant that you can perform common tasks associated with video such as recording, editing, compressing and converting all in one place. It is fast, easy to use and a joy to use every time. It is why it is one of the most downloaded video converter apps in the Play Store and why millions around the world trust it when they need to record a video or convert a video or compress and even edit a video without complexities associated with tools aimed at production houses. Professionals will love it, as well as the consumer who wants to get things done quickly with professional results without struggling with the software.

Wondershare UniConverter runs natively on both Mac and Windows computers and has a solid feature set to keep both professionals and home users happy. The performance is fast and fluid and conversion and editing speeds will be a happy surprise.

Part II: Vastly Improved Interface

Wondershare UniConverter is a powerful software with a lot of features and tools, and as such, it is always a challenge how to best merge user experience with feature discoverability so that workflow is not impeded.

The user interface in the new version of Wondershare UniConverter is redesigned extensively, listening to what our users have to say and our research into how to improve user experience and workflow in the best way possible. With that, the results are clear.

The functions that are most used are now front and center, more prominently discoverable, and other functions are made easier to find and use. The whole appearance is classic Wondershare, elegant and pleasing to the eye.

File management improvements now allow users to specify a file save path so that all files get saved to that location automatically without a prompt every time.

Part III: How To Convert A Video With Wondershare UniConverter

Now comes the best part, seeing just how easy it is to convert videos with Wondershare UniConverter. The software is backed by the expertise of Wondershare Company, a business that has been churning out quality software used and loved by millions around the world for over 25 years.

Get your copy of the software here:

Step 1: Launch the software and click Converter from the sidebar to enter the Converter module.

Add the files you want to convert into the software interface in this step.

Step 2: Click the Output Format selection at the bottom and click Video.

Choose the preferred format and resolution.

Step 3: Click the High Speed Conversion button at the top, select the file save location at the bottom and click Start All or Convert:

Step 4: After successful conversion, click the Finished tab at the top and click the folder icon to export the file to your preferred destination:

Special Feature

If you want to get creative and change the audio track in your video, you need to select MP4 or MOV output format in step 3. You will then be able to choose an audio track to use in the video:

Part IV: Improvements and New Features to UniConverter

The latest version of Wondershare UniConverter comes with notable improvements and features as follows:

Video Converter

-alpha channel output in MP4 and WEBM

-better codec support (MOV (HEVC), MKV (AV1), WEBM (AV1/ VP9), MP4 (CFHD))

-native acceleration and Apple Silicon support

-vastly improved processing of 4K and 8K video files

-50% better GPU acceleration and conversion speeds

-multi-threaded GPU acceleration in AMD and Intel/ nVIDIA chipsets.

Video Playback

-play 4K and 8K videos in the app

-play over 1000 video formats

-smoother video playback.

Video Compressor

-compress lossless audio with version 14

-new compression modes and new scenarios

-90% smaller compressed file size without loss of quality

-80% better compression quality.

Part V: Other Noteworthy Functions In Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is called your complete video toolbox and there is a reason for that. The reason is – it is. Not only can you perform everyday expected video functions with Wondershare UniConverter such as recording videos, editing videos, compressing your videos and converting your videos, there are tools in the software to help you do more:

-download videos from the internet in 1 click

-create, copy, edit and burn DVDs

-fix and repair corrupted videos

-merge videos

-play videos.


For years, people around the world have trusted Wondershare UniConverter for their everyday video tasks. Best tool to convert videos? Use Wondershare UniConverter. Best tool to edit videos with ease? Use UniConverter. Best app for video compression? Wondershare UniConverter. You get the idea. Over the years, users have told us what they want, how we could improve the software for them, and we always listen. The latest version is testament to that commitment to our users, from the redesigned interface with key functions front and center, the boosted speeds all around, to the inclusion of new audio tools such as a vocals remover. Try Wondershare UniConverter today by clicking this link here.

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