Do You Need an Instagram Follower Tracker?

Do You Need an Instagram Follower Tracker?

If you are passionate about Instagram, you spend all of your spare time notching up your new followers and watching your account grow then there’s nothing worse than noticing your followers drop off.  Why has that account unfollowed you?  What happened to the seven new followers you had this morning only to find that three have already disappeared!  Where’s that wonderful Instagram Influencer who used to follow you back gone?  Yes, it’s annoying especially when you’ve put so much time and effort into growing your Instagram account!  The truth is, it’s a fact of social media life!  You might well gain lots of new followers for an inspiring post, but you’ll likely lose around 5% over the coming weeks – maybe more. 

It’s normal to drop a few followers but when you’re desperately trying to build your Instagram following it can be disheartening.  Someone with millions of followers won’t notice the odd 10, 20, or even 100 disappearing but someone with 1,000 followers will see the difference.  Access Instagram from the desktop from

Do You Need More Instagram Followers?

Apart from checking your Instagram Insights from the Instagram Creator Studio feature, and making sure that you’re posting at the right time, following the right people, commenting back on any mentions you receive and you’re creating great, unique content – will an Instagram Follower Tracker help?  1394ta is the biggest Instagram marketing company and we operate across the globe.  We’ve checked out the top Instagram Follower Trackers, so you don’t have to!  We also specialize in cultivating Instagram Followers.  Unlike other businesses that deliver fake account followers – we don’t.  We have access to millions of Instagram accounts and when you choose us to buy followers, Instagram becomes your oyster.  We’ll match the right followers to your account, so you stay visible in feeds, and relevant.  So, give your Instagram account the boost you want, we are exactly where to buy Instagram Followers that are 100% guaranteed the real deal.  Additionally, using our Instagram Marketing Services, buy followers on instagram – on Instagram only and buy likes on Instagram only.  Of course, we promise you they’re authentic and from quality accounts interested in what you do.

Instagram Follower Trackers – The Best!

Instagram Follower Tracker – The Follower Analyzer

Available on Android only, the Follower Analyzer gives you analytics on all of your followers.  It also tells you when someone’s unfollowed you, who isn’t following you back, and notifies you when you get new followers.  Additionally, you can find mutual friends that follow you and your new followers and view all of your fans.  You can also pinpoint the followers who’ve never liked your posts or commented on your content as well as those who like and comment on your friends’ posts.  This Instagram Follower Tracker is so advanced, that you can view your top performing posts and the people who are tagged in your posts the most often.  This is a free app but if you sign up as a premium user you can use it across lots of Instagram accounts and you won’t get the annoying adverts!

Followers and Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram

This app is easy to follow accounts and unfollow accounts.  It has an “Insta” tracker which gives you unique analytics about your Instagram account and there are various in-app purchases for more advanced features. You can find out which of your audience is real and which are “bots,” and you can even discover ghost followers.  It also tells you which posts are your best performing.  The basic app is well, pretty basic but once you pay for it there’s plenty you can do.  Still, it’s not as good as the aforementioned Instagram Follower Tracker. (Android).  Interested in statistics as well as for analytics?  Get to know how many views you got.

Followers for Instagram

This Instagram Follower Tracker is available on iOS, and it helps you to see who’s following you, who isn’t following you back, and who’s unfollowed you.  It also pinpoints who you’re not following.  It’s another free app with more advanced options when you pay a premium but it’s worth paying more because there are a few good extras such as showing the Instagram followers you’ve blocked, the comments that have been deleted, and what your followers “liked” of yours.  It’s also easy to use and you can quickly follow and unfollow people directly from the app – which is easier than scrolling through the Instagram app and trying to work out who’s not following you back!  It also identifies fake followers.

Followers Insights for Instagram

One of the hot Instagram Follower Trackers, it gets a whopping 5-star rating on the app store but sadly, it’s only available for Android users.  There are lots of free features but if you want the better features, you’ll have to pay for premium use.  We think it’s worth it especially if you have an Android phone because it’s one of the best Android Instagram Follower Trackers.  Using this one, you can view new followers, see who’s stopped following you, see who’s blocked you, unfollow those who’ve unfollowed you, and even track the followers who are the most loyal to you.  You can also use this Instagram Follower Tracker for more than one Instagram account, and multiple accounts if you want.  Additionally, you can see who your most inactive users are and who’s spamming you (but beware, there are so many adverts that become a little annoying when you’re in a hurry!).

Followers Tools for Instagram

Another of the top Instagram Follower Trackers, this one is available on Android and helps you to manage your Instagram account as well.  It’s free to use for the basic features but you can buy additional features for a small fee.  The app allows you to follow people, block and unblock people and unfollow other accounts and there are no limitations.  There’s another useful additional feature that allows you to auto-follow using a separate list.  Use this Instagram Follower Tracker to keep an eye on all of your new followers, your lost followers, and you’re unfollows.  You can also see who’s blocked your account!  One other benefit is the stats this app gives you.  You can see the totals for several posts, likes, comments, and followers and note your trends which is useful for planning future content.  You can also see who’s engaging with your posts the most and who’s not engaging at all.  There’s a ghost follower section too, so you can immediately unfollow all of those too.

FollowMeter for Instagram

This is another of the best Instagram Follow Trackers and it has an easy-to-use interface where you can manage your Instagram followers from one place.  It gives you lots of free insights too, on the followers you’ve gained, those you’ve lost, your non-followers, and your most liked posts (plus your least liked posts).  For the premium Follow Meter for Instagram, you get to be featured in the Discovery area of the app, so you get visibility to its users – which helps to grow your followers too. (Android).

Ghost Unfollowers for Instagram and Fake IG Clean

This iOS app is excellent for getting rid of those irritating ghost followers, those people who are on Instagram but never engage!  Remember, you don’t want fake followers as they’re usually not real so they don’t help your Instagram account grow and you might even end up at risk of scammers.  Use this one of the top Instagram Follower Trackers to get rid of ghost followers.  Additional benefits of this app include monitoring your last 100 posts and seeing which followers don’t interact with them.  You can also delete Instagram unfollowers.

Reports & Followers Analytics for Instagram

This is another of Android’s best Instagram Follower Trackers and has a bunch of brilliant features that you can use to boost your Instagram experience.  Even the free version has plenty of stuff that you’ll enjoy like insights and metrics, tracking new followers and unfollowers, and tracking your Instagram posts’ performance.  Additionally, you can see who your biggest followers are and schedule your posts – all that for free! 

Tracker for Instagram Followers and Unfollowers

This is another Android app that helps you to find who has recently unfollowed you and who’s recently followed you.  With too many ads in our opinion, this top Instagram Followers Tracker gives you lots of analytics and pinpoints your ghost followers, those who always comment and like your posts, your most popular and least popular posts, your comments, profile views, and lots more. 

Unfollow for Instagram – Unfollowers and Fans

Another Android app, is relatively simple and if you don’t want fuss then choose this as the easiest of the Instagram Followers Trackers to use.  It shows you the people who don’t follow you back and quickly allows you to unfollow people (even multiple unfollows).  It’s simple to use and certainly, if you want easy – then this one is for you.

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