4 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marketing Strategy

4 Ideas to Spice Up Your Marketing Strategy

Keeping your marketing strategy fresh and interesting is always a challenge. Of course, you need to come up with attention-grabbing campaigns, make sure your copy is fresh and unique, and engage with your audience on social media. But at times, it’s necessary to do something else to really boost your company’s marketing plan. Here are a few ways to spice up your company’s marketing and attract more customers.

1. Run sweepstakes or giveaways

One out-of-the-box idea is to get potential customers’ attention by offering them the chance to win a prize. You’ve probably heard of sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways run by companies, but how can they help your business?

A sweepstake or giveaway allows people to participate in a random draw for a prize, without having to pay anything to enter. Contests are similar, but the winner is chosen based on skill level, not at random. These are very accessible for people and usually only require minimal effort to enter. It’s important to properly plan your sweepstakes and make sure that your sweepstakes rules are easy to understand. Use a social media contest platform if you want to do a giveaway contest on your favorite social network. 

People love free stuff, so a giveaway attracts attention to your company. It also helps you to get followers on social media or email addresses. If you give away products, you might get people to purchase in the future if they enjoy your product. 

2. Create a referral program

A referral program is another unique marketing strategy you can use to get more customers. Basically, a referral program is when you offer some kind of benefit or reward to your current customer for recommending your product or service.

How can your company benefit from a rewards program? One benefit is that you don’t have any upfront investment. Your customers do marketing for you and you reward them when they bring you a new customer. Some customers might not promote your product, but if there’s something in it for them they’re more likely to tell their friends and family. 

People gravitate towards familiar things and are often hesitant to try something new or that they haven’t heard of before. If you’re brand isn’t well known, you might have a hard time attracting customers. But by teaming up with a familiar brand, you can get its customers to recognize your company and you’ll have a better chance of getting their business. You can partner with a brand for an ad campaign or on social media, or even make some kind of offer that involves both companies products or services.

Deals with bigger companies might be hard to get, but that’s not your only option. In today’s age of social media and the internet, people look to social media celebrities and influencers for advice on what to buy. You can pay influencers with millions of followers to promote your product to their audience. People trust the influencers they follow, and watching an Instagram video of someone trying a product feels more personal than a traditional advertisement. You can even get a popular influencer to be the face of your brand. That way when people see your ads, they associate your business with a familiar face. All of this can make it easier for you to reach more people and grow your business. 

4. Create a cool social media page and interact with your followers

Some businesses don’t take full advantage of their social media. They use it to post new products and deals, but they don’t do anything to spice it up. On the other hand, some companies use social media to connect with their customers in a more personal way. They create a real brand identity, commenting and filling their posts with personality. This is especially appealing to younger audiences. 

How does having a trending social media presence help you grow your business? It’s simple. When your business jumps on the trends and memes that are circulating, people will see it. They may even be surprised by sarcastic and funny replies to other companies and celebrities. That keeps your business on their minds and in their conversations. The more people are talking and thinking about your company, the more likely they’re going to buy from it. 

Building a good marketing strategy for your business can be a challenge. Sometimes you have to think outside the box and find something unique to add to your plan. A giveaway can get you some great leads and make people spread the word about your company. A referral program is another great way to get people to share your website and products with their friends and family. If your company isn’t well-known, team up with a popular influencer or a recognizable brand. And use your social media accounts to the full by interacting and creating unique content to keep your audience engaged. If you try these ideas, your marketing strategy is sure to improve.

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