4 Tips to Land a Role in the DevOps Industry

4 Tips to Land a Role in the DevOps Industry

Development and operations, or devops for short, is quickly becoming the staple in most environments where there’s internet technology. To help you land a role in this exciting and fast-paced industry, here are 4 tips you can use on job interviews.

Stand Out

Aspiring engineers and managers should have something that lets them stand out from the rest, whether it be additional DevOps Certification, having more years of experience or being a part of a unique or special project with a recognizable brand or company.

It’s not enough that you include them in your resume- you’ll have to constantly highlight it and bring it up when appropriate. After all, these things are what the interviewer and company will be looking for when they open a role for their devops platform.

Have More Than Just the Bare Minimum

Those who are experienced in the process of development and operations are more likely to succeed in devops roles. However, even if you’re fairly new to the field you can still aim to get in using enthusiasm and the willingness to learn.

At the very least you should have met the job description and requirement for a posting. You should also be able to create a redundant, scalable and available infrastructure when asked.

Know the DevOps Tools by Heart

Be prepared to outline and describe the devops tools as they will most likely come up during the interview. You should also be familiar with terms such as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration and provide examples as needed.

Practice Makes Perfect

To help you gain confidence to explain devops processes you can practice answering DevOps Interview Questions. Again, it’s important to know which questions you’ll be asked with so you can think about what you’re going to say instead of having to think on the spot.

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