4 Tips to Maximize Your Living Area Space

4 Tips to Maximize Your Living Area Space

The living room area holds a finite space for socialization, interaction, and relaxation. If you find yourself unable to do these things, consider these four tips to maximize its potential. These things apply to every type of home, from a mansion to a Marina View Residences condo.

De-clutter Once a Week

One easy way to clear up space in your living room is to declutter or remove things that are not supposed to be there. You can start by clearing out trash and items that go into the bin, then move on to putting things back where they belong. Do this at least once a week so you can have a neat room and one that’s conducive to rest and relaxation.

Consider Adding Extra Storage and Shelves

It’s possible to have too much stuff and not enough storage for all of them. If this is the case, then what you need is a capable storage or shelf to keep them hidden out of sight. In condo spaces, it’s a smart move to use vertical space, such as walls and furniture compartments. Consider this the next time you want your Marina View Residences condo living room nice and inviting.

Important Items and Furniture First

Ideally, you’d want to put in large furniture, such as couches and TVs first before adding the fine details. Strategic placement is important if you want to present an illusion that there’s more space than meets the eye.

Upgrade to Multi-Functional Appliances

Lastly, a great way to reduce clutter is to opt for multi-functional appliances. A good example is a TV stand that has shelves or storage. You can do the same for couches, coffee tables, and even chairs. It’s recommended that you shop for ideas in popular furniture brands, apps, or websites. Upgrade one at a time or according to budget.

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