5 Easy Tech Tips to Secure Your Home

5 Easy Tech Tips to Secure Your Home

Home security doesn’t have to be so expensive- try these five easy and effective tech tips to keep your home safe.

Add a CCTV Camera

An IP camera can be useful in so many ways, but most homeowners install them outdoors and near a common point of entry, such as the front door, gate, or garage, just to name a few.

Nowadays you can get CCTV protection and surveillance without breaking the bank. You get peace of mind knowing that you can view the camera feed anytime and anywhere.

Protect Your Wi-Fi Network

Intruders can gain access to all the data in your home, including your family member’s by getting into your wi-fi network. If you haven’t put in a password for access, then it’s important that you do so as soon as possible.

Install Outdoor Smart Lighting

Smart bulbs and LEDs can deter intruders by making them think someone is home. You can set a schedule on when the lights will turn on, e.g., in the evening to ward off possible entry. For outdoor use it’s recommended to get a bulb that’s rated safe and has added protection against the elements.

Set Up App Reminders

We all tend to forget to lock the front door or close the windows as we go out, but this can be remedied with reminders. You can set up a notification via smartphone app, or have your smart speaker tell you to secure entry points before you leave.

Buy Replacement Locks and Alarms Online

It’s more convenient to buy all the security products you need on the internet rather than having to go to a physical store. Just make sure that you’re buying them at a reputable website or e-retail shop, and browse through the selection to get the best possible security device for your needs.

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