5 Ways to Stay Fit in Condo Living

5 Ways to Stay Fit in Condo Living

It’s easy to forget your well-being if you’re busy living the condo life. That said, you can get back on the fitness track with these five ways.

Go to the Local Gym

You can save money on exercise equipment by going to a local gym. In a building such as the Lentoria, gyms could be considered part of the condo owner’s amenity and used whenever they want. Take a go at the treadmill, or the exercise bike, or lift some weights depending on your program.

Set a Routine on Your Smartphone

Routines are one way to beat procrastination, and what better way to get reminded than using technology and your smartphone? Schedule one or two exercise routines a week, then ramp it up to three or four for good measure. The exercise can vary- you can take a quick walk around, then hit the gym the next time.

Explore the Neighborhood and Surroundings

Take the time to appreciate nature at and you’ll be rewarded with clean air and better health. Walk outside in the morning or whenever you have the time and see the local sights and sounds. Who knows, you might discover a nice spot or a place you haven’t seen before.

Swim Regularly

In the same vein as a gym, your condo building might have its own indoor or outdoor pool for resident use. Swimming is great, fitness-wise as all your muscles get a workout, as well as your lungs. You can achieve two things at once with a swim in the summer- you beat the heat and get fitter in as little as 20 minutes.

Don’t Stay Cooped Up For Too Long

Lastly, make it a point to go out of the condo unit and get a breath of fresh air as much as your daily routine allows.

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