6 NFTs that Run on the Solana Blockchain

6 NFTs that Run on the Solana Blockchain

NFTs are continuing to generate widespread popularity worldwide. The first NFT came around in 2014, thanks to Kevin McCoy, a digital artist.

People use NFTs to stand for ownership for various unique items, including art, real estate, and collectibles. It is impossible to duplicate them. Examples of NFTs include an item in a Metaverse crypto game, a digital collectible, a unique digital artwork, or a domain name.

Blockchains usually store NFTs. One such blockchain platform is Solana. Solana NFTs are starting to receive much attention because Solana requires low gas fees.

If you consider investing in Solana NFTs, you need the Solana cryptocurrency (SOL) and a Solana wallet. You will use the Solana cryptocurrency to pay gas fees and buy NFTs. A Solana wallet is crucial for storing your NFTs.

This article will focus on the most interesting Solana NFT projects.

Pesky Penguins

Pesky Penguins is a group of pixel art penguins. Initially, there were 8,888 penguins, but the number has gone down to 8,588. The reduction was due to a burning mechanism known as the Snowball. Pesky Penguins developers came up with this mechanism to eliminate the cheapest penguins. This initiative helps to increase the floor price of the remaining penguins.

The following steps are followed in the burn mechanism:

•           The Snowball account holds a percentage of sales.

•           When the funds become excess in The Snowball account, The Snowball buys the Pesky Penguins with the lowest price. This practice is known as sweeping the floor.

•           The Snowball burns a portion of these NFTs, reducing the supply and increasing the price of the remaining Pesky Penguins. The Pesky Graveyard contains all the eliminated Pesky Penguins.

The burn feature makes Pesky Penguin an attractive NFT investment.

Solana Monkey Business

Solana Monkey Business also runs on the Solana blockchain, and consists of 24×24 pixel monkeys. The Solana blockchain stores these 5,000 randomly generated monkeys.

Investors have traded more than $107 million worth of Solana Monkey Business, making it one of the most traded Solana NFTs. In line with this, one particular NFT, SMB #1355, went up for sale for $2 million. Owning these NFTs gives investors access to a members-only wallet. Also, these NFTs enable members to access Solana’s first NFT DAO, The MonkeDAO.

Solana Monkey business has huge potential and can reach the CryptoPunks and Bored Apes level.

Boryoku Dragonz

The Solana platform holds this collection which contains 1,111 dragon NFTs. Each investor with this NFT earns passive income in BOKU cryptocurrency.

In line with this, investors get seven BOKU tokens every day for each dragon they hold. The BOKU token all-time high was $19.76. This makes Boryoku Dragonz one of the most profitable NFTs on the Solana platform.

This NFT stands out from most collections because it offers investors token-burning mechanics, a breeding game, and daily token airdrops. The game uses BOKU and two Boryoku Dragonz to breed and hatch baby dragonz. Investors can use 350 BOKU to hasten the hatching process.

The Boryoku dragonz’s developers use statistical modeling and economic theory to regulate the BOKU tokens. The team is carrying out this initiative to balance demand and supply. The developers have also acquired land in the Metaverse cryptogame, The Sandbox.


There are 3,333 Thugbirdz on the Solana blockchain. These NFTs have four positions; boss, underboss, enforcer, and thug. The rarest Thugbird has the highest rank, while the most common Thugbird has the lowest.

One Thugbird holds the Boss position, 25 are in the underboss position, 315 Thugbirdz have the enforcer position, and 2970 Thugbirdz are in the thug position.

Each Thugbird has its unique trait, including face tattoos, smoking style, and shades. In addition, each listens to a particular old-school rapper. The nine rappers available include Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Tupac, Nas, Jay- Z, Diggin’ the Crates Crew, Biggie, and Gang-Star.

Some upcoming projects from the Thugbirdz team include;

•           A collaboration with a rapper to get Thugbirdz in a song

•           A DAO based on the Solana platform

•           Creation of egg NFTs

•           Custom merchandise

Lotus Gang

Lotus Gang consists of 2,000 Lotus Ladies and 2,000 Lotus Lads. The gang wears Asian-inspired attire and runs on the Solana blockchain. Solana Monkey Business and Cryptopunks largely inspired the creation of Lotus Gang.

Accessories in the Lotus Gang NFT include helmets and chains. There are also Asian clothes such as Thai crowns, bhangras, saris, and sherwanis.

This NFT project focuses on creating resources and tools to guide investors in the crypto/NFT market. These operation security (OPSEC) materials help investors to steer clear of cybercriminals.

The project also gives 10% of the money earned from the mint event to charity. This NFT is most appropriate for investors interested in charitable ventures. It is also one of the most affordable NFTs available currently.


This NFT consists of 10,000 animated robots, each with unique attributes. The team involved with this NFT was also behind the creation of DigitalEyes. DigitalEyes is an open Solana NFT marketplace.

The team is also developing Rumble Worlds, a metaverse that will feature the 10,000 animated robots in 3D format. Rumble Worlds allows players to use 3D versions of their Solana NFTs to participate in party games.

Solarians holders become members of RoboDAO. This membership gives members the chance to contribute to the direction of RoboDAO by providing their input. They can also share their opinion on treasury funds usage.

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