7 things you must know before dating a gamer

7 things you must know before dating a gamer

If you’re going to date a gamer, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Men and women who regularly play computer and video games can make relationships challenging.

The good thing about gamers is loyalty. They’re too busy gaming to get inclined to venture out and cheat on you.

On the downside, the nature of their hobby may ring alarm bells in the dating world, the main question being: Can I compete for his/her attention against the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega?

Here are seven essential things you need to know about dating a gamer.

#1: You’ll need patience

Whatever activity you’ve scheduled with your gamer, as the Dating Ring says, it probably won’t be as important to them as finishing their latest game.

You’ll just have to wait and try to keep your patience as they repeatedly tell you: “I won’t be long. I just need to finish this.”

This apparently innocent statement can mean a number of things in reality:

  • They’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.
  • They’ll be done in a couple of hours.
  • You might as well write off the rest of the day.

While patience and tolerance are all very well, if things look like getting out of hand, it’s best to take a firm stand on their stalling. Insist on a definite time they’ll be ready to focus on you instead of their screen.

#2: Communication can be difficult

Trying to discuss something seriously while your gamer is engrossed in his latest venture into escapism is futile.

Even if they pause their game briefly, they’ll be so desperate to get back to it that you’ll be lucky to get anything sensible out of them. And don’t expect the gamer to remember anything you’ve said during gameplay.

The best tactic is to wait until you have their undivided attention before attempting a serious conversation.

#3: Expect to be embarrassed by their fashion choices

Gamers have their own version of fashion, with a strong geek emphasis. They’re proud to show off their video game shirts and accessories, and won’t appreciate it if you point out they look ridiculous and it’s embarrassing to be seen with them.

If you want to pursue the relationship, you’ll just have to put up with their dubious fashion choices.

#4: Gamers won’t like losing to you

Gamers hate being beaten at their favourite game by a non-gamer or less experienced gamer.

If you happen to get a lucky kill on Black Ops, it’s tempting to never let them live it down and even embarrass them in front of friends.

Not the ideal way to cement a relationship. Probably best to make sure you let him/her win in the first place.

#5: You shouldn’t interfere in their games

It’s never a good idea to distract a gamer at play, especially standing behind them and screaming suggestions at them during a critical stage in a game.

It’ll make the situation even worse if it turns out you were right but they didn’t think of it first.

Far safer to say nothing or utter words of encouragement, unless your gamer asks for a little help.

#6: Gamers don’t seem to need sleep

Many gamers are night owls who like to play well into the night.

Call or text your gamer during the latter part of an evening and they’ll probably tell you they’re getting ready for an early night. What they really mean is: Leave me alone, I need to blast some soldiers to smithereens on Call of Duty.

Or if you’ve reached the stage where you’re sleeping together, you could wake up in the middle of the night to discover you’re alone. According to relationship expert and author I am Polyamory, your partner has sneaked downstairs to fight more alien zombies. After all, someone’s got to deal with all those marauding extra-terrestrial undead.

You may simply have to get used to this, and at least they’re trying not to let their nocturnal gaming activities disturb your sleep.

#7: Be prepared to join in the fun

Your gamer will love it if you make even the slightest effort to give gaming a go yourself.

It can be a fun bonding experience, as with sharing any hobby, and you’ll get to spend more time together.

Ask your gamer to introduce you to the world of gaming with something that’s simple to play. But when you get good at it, don’t forget to let them win!

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