About Neina

About Neina

Neina GmbH is a company that applies advanced technologies to tackle pressing global food challenges through Investments in the most demanded agricultural niches.

Founded in 2006, Neina GmbH has helped over 75,000 investors in 56 countries grow their wealth and realize their goals. The company has won many awards in the field of innovation and investment drive.

Neina has continued to elvolve to meet the demands of both investors and the ever expanding food market.

In as much as Investors want quality asset management and high-yielding investment, they also expect a responsive partnership. Neina GmbH supports wealth creation worldwide through strategic and advisory services and provides full access to quality grants to encourage entrepreneurship, offering a seamless procurement process and simple repayment plans.

From time to time, Neina reviews investors choices to make sure they reflect their current realities and always ready for new ideas and explore new opportunities. With this profound and friendly approach, we have built meaningful relationships and protected Investors needs for years.

That is why Neina GmbH is one of the most sought after brands in Europe and the Americas. It is also evident in the continual upward review of their interest rates which has led to a surge in the number of investors from 150 in the first year to over 70,000 in 2022.

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