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All You Need To Know About Air Tack Mats

All You Need To Know About Air Tack Mats

There was a time when gym and workout equipment were not that user-friendly. However, with an air track mat you have the next-level experience. Many people tend to fear the injuries and joint bend during the practice, which is normal. However, with an air track mat you have the most seamless and ideal safety ensured.

If you are a workout enthusiast or you have to practice our marital air conditioning, the air track mat is something you must consider. It works best for indoors and outdoors hence you can consider it for home as well. It’s popular for its safety stands and that give you the freedom to opt for it.

However, as a newbie, you many no know what an air track mat is, its perks and many more things. So in this article, we shall find out the answer and look keenly on each of the parameters about an air rack map. Let’s scroll a bit more.

Why is an air track mat ideal for safety?

The air track mat is best for safety and keeping of joint injuries. Mainly it features the PVC material that is resilient enough for when you jump and do vigorous activities. However, it is also ideal for yoga practice that puts strain.

Its high-grade PVC is pretty much softer towards the skin and it’s certainly non-slip. No matter if you are sweating or not, the fuller grip would always be there and that is the major highlight not many mats would offer you. It brings you the best comfort, grip and the freedom to try new acrobats for sure.

The air track mat is ideal for making sure the bouncy feel when you jump on it. For karate, yoga, martial arts and other activities, the mat is best for sure.  Not to mention how it helps you learn new skills that weren’t possible with a regular mat.

The air track mat is durable and it’s dedicated for its performance for the training purpose. Its non-slip and the reinforced 0.2 mm drop stitch double wall fabric (DWF) brush finishes always help you maintain its quality. The DWF surface usually comes with dual layer fabric that features thousands of small threads.

What are the sizes available in air track mat?

You can opt for any size that suits your height and body type. And if you are purchasing the best track mat from a reliable place such as Kameymall¸ there is a larger variety that you can pick from. The common sizes available in the inflatable air track mat are;

·         10 feet/25lbs

·         40 feet/150lbs+

·         50 feet/225lbs+

·         20 feet/60-80lbs

·         30 feet/90-100lbs

How to buy the best air track mats?

If you are the buyer and want to purchase the air track ma online, the buying guide is the only that can help you.  It’s pretty obvious that you need to look for quality and reliable online stores such as Kameymall. However there are other factors that contribute to the best buying including its dimension.

Without knowing the ideal dimension of the air track mat it won’t be of any use.  Whenever you select the mat, make sure its dimension is sealed as per our height. Also, measure the space where you want to place the mat. Dimension and the preciseness of the mat matters a lot. Usually, the 3 meters air track mat is best for gymnastics and many other activities. 

The weight of the air mat is also important. Usually, you get the diverse weight category in the mat and picking the desirable pen is not a challenge anymore.

  • 3m x 1m x 10cm air tracks weigh about 12 kg
  • 4m x 1m x 10cm air tracks weigh about 15 kg
  • 6m x 1m x 10cm air tracks weigh about 20 kg

Does air track mat pop easily?

Popping of the air rack mats is pretty rare. However, it does not indicate that the mat won’t pop at all. If you highlight the quality in the buying it would serve you the best in every respect. However, if you choose the superficial air tack mat, it is likely to pop sooner or later. However, as a rule of thumb, mat will not pop easily.

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