Creating Websites is Not Just About Coding Anymore

Creating Websites is Not Just About Coding Anymore

This is so obvious these days that every single website is created for a reason such as selling a product or service or creating informative contents. Regardless of the websites’ purposes, the main and most important element for a website is to be seen by relevant audiences in either their local community or around the globe. Being approachable by internet users is a mutual task between all websites around the world. To dive deeper into our subject, we will go through the process that a website is created through.

How is a website created?

To briefly outline the process, a website should firstly be designed by website designers. In the past, this used to be about choosing the colorings, font type and size and the location of images, contents, bars and menus. Once done, web developers stepped in, in order to convert the design into an actual website by using programming languages. Back to the old days, both design and coding were usually done by a developer who had a good understanding of website design. However, this is an old fashioned way of creating websites and it doesn’t work anymore. To understand the reasons why such a process doesn’t work today, we need to talk briefly about the current atmosphere of the online business world.

Current Online Business situation and the look out

Over the past few years, the intention of online shopping has increased significantly. Other than shopping, people are more interested in getting all their needs, from a simple query to a training course and other needs they may have, through the internet. The prospect looks like more growing demand on the way for online services in the short, medium and long term. To respond to such growing intentions, market participants and business owners have been trying their best to go online. Such a smart decision, isn’t it? 

Now that all businesses are presented online, they have to compete against other market participants to get more users into their website and convert them to their loyal customers. But how? It’s not that complicated in general! Just like the real world, the main and most important element for a successful business is the customers’ satisfaction which is called user experience or UX in the online world. 

User Experience is the key

The main element to get more traffic on websites is to improve user experience. The term, user experience refers to designing a website in a way that makes users come back and become royal customers. UX design is about understanding the user preferences and the brand and the product nature. This is normally being done by conducting research in order to deeply understand such elements. Once done, all the feedback should be converted to a roadmap through which the website will be designed. On top of the elements mentioned earlier, UX design must provide the most convenient experience for users who want to navigate through the website or take any action.

We are not going to talk about UI or user interface in this article, though it is a different and very important profession which needs to be in place, when creating a website, as it decides how the website interface will appear to the users.

Different professions for one website

It is now more clear for you that many professionals are needed to get a website designed, created, developed and make it up and running. At the end of the que, when the UI and UX designers and SEO consultants finalize their tasks on the design, it’s web developer’s or programmer’s turn to step in and use their programming language knowledge and skills to make the design understandable by computers! 

The importance of SEO and user experience has created many important elements to be considered along the way of creating a website today. Without having UI and UX designers and SEO consultants and relying on coding professionals only, will most likely end up with a failed website.

To sum it up, creating a website for your business needs a professional team to be employed in order to get the best result. Even though it takes more time and costs more money for a website to become up and running, it will pay you back in the long run, as this is the only way that online businesses work today. 

In conclusion, if you are planning to start your online business or take your offline business on the web, you must look around in the market and find a professional and reputable web design company to get your project done in a way that suits you best. Along the way, pay high attention to the lessons you learned by reading this article. You must check the team members who are supposed to work on your project, and make sure that a talented UI and UX designer, SEO consultant and experienced coder are on board.

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