Creating your Own Office Pods

Creating your Own Office Pods

At first office spaces aren’t necessarily what you want them to be, but over time, it’s possible to create the office space that works best for your business. With people, processes and the space needing continual change, it’s important to have furniture and pieces of equipment around you that support the change.

Adding new rooms to an office is expensive, time consuming and becomes a permanent fixture. Whilst this can be an option, having a semi permanent solution that doesn’t require a great deal of work is accessible for more people and budgets. Office Pods can be created to suit different space sizes and tailored to meet the available budget.

When looking at the plans for the ideal work pod, one of the most important steps is to measure the space. The measurement you take needs to be extremely accurate to ensure the office pod fits into the space and that it’ll be right for the need you have. When measuring, take into consideration any areas of concern such as skirting boards etc.

Once the requirement and size has been confirmed, you can then start looking at the types of screens that are available and how they can help your space. Acoustic office partitions are one of the most popular choices as you get to bring colour and acoustic properties into the space. Other materials such as acrylic and laminate work well too. Laminate is great for training and meeting rooms as the gloss laminate accepts drywipe pen and can be used as a whiteboard as well as a wall of your office pod. Acrylic is a nice addition to ensure the space isn’t completely closed off from the light. Choose a combination of finishes to create a multipurpose room that has everything you need for style and functionality.

Assembly is quick and easy in most cases can be assembled without any help from an assembly service. The individual screens link together with the supplied linking strip, creating a strong run of office screens to form your office pod.

Once the office pod is in place, whilst it’s generally assembled for long term use, it’s important to note that the linking strip can be removed and the screens can be repositioned and reconfigured at any time. It’s even possible to use the screens individually to divide an open plan office. However you choose to use the office screens you’ll be able to make a huge difference to your workspace.

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