Digital Marketing- Do’s and Don’ts

Digital Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Digital Marketing Tips to be Aware of


  • Firstly, build your own brand. That will show your clients that you practice what you are preaching. Don’t go all out trying to impress the client without first establishing your own footprint. You should show your prospective clients what you have done with your own brand before they begin to get impressed and start trusting you. This can be accomplished by identifying your target audience and designing content aimed specifically at them.
  • Build yourself an amazing team. If you want to grow in digital marketing, this is a no-brainer. When you start getting your dream team together, you want dynamic professionals who are able to think on their feet and decide for themselves. Your team should consist of players who are constantly evolving and looking to upskill themselves in this fast-paced environment. Each one of them should be flexible, open to learning and not be constrained to a particular skill set.
  • Equip yourself with the tools you need. There are some essential tools that a digital marketing professional has to work with, to make the job easier. For instance, a keyword analysis tool such as WordStream. Keyword Rank, Site Analysis, Backlink Research, Link Management are tasks which can be managed with specific tools for each of them. The dynamic members of your team will then choose the tools they prefer, get trained in these resources and be task-ready in a short span of time.
  • The above strategy aside, it is more important to be flexible, change if you need to, dump a tool or specific strategy if it doesn’t deliver results. This cannot be stressed enough, in this dynamic world of digital marketing. You don’t want to get stuck with old-world campaigns, expensive proprietary tools and rigid team members.
  • Care for your clients. Spend a lot of time initially to understand what the client wants, what the business stands for, and what it hopes to achieve. A strong client-vendor relationship will stand you in good stead and you should be able to put yourself in the business owner’s shoes and imagine the results. Be genuine and open to their needs. Dream together.
  • Document everything! Goals that are set, goals that can be achievable, goals that have been achieved. Save every email exchange with the client. Having a clear contract with each business owner can save you from a lot of stress should things not go according to plan.


  • Let clients run your life and schedule. Dreaming together with the client doesn’t mean that you agree with everything they say and try to meet all their needs. Make sure that you draw a line at the amount of time and resources that you can devote to a particular client and more importantly make sure the client sees that line. A business owner would obviously desire an agency that is always available at his beck and call. You don’t want him to take your resources for granted, whether it is your time, or your manpower.
  • If the client is not a good fit, avoid the job. Instinct says to grab all the opportunities that come your way when you start out in digital marketing. But how well do you know the person sitting opposite you? Is your gut telling you something is wrong? Some clients have the personality to evoke such feelings right away. Try to spend enough time having a meaningful conversation with a prospective client. Often, you will be able to judge whether or not you can have a good working relationship. How does he set his own goals, are they made up on the spot or has he/she been thinking and planning about desired outcomes. How does he treat people around him? How prompt is he when returning your calls or reverting email messages? If there are red flags around any of these situations, then you should have a serious rethink on whether you really need his business.
  • Don’t make promises that you can’t deliver. There are clients who will assure you that you are capable of delivering the stars and serving them on a platter. Do not be influenced by such platitudes. Make sure you understand the deliverables, and consult with your team, if you have one, before committing to such clients. In a nutshell, it is very awkward to underdeliver in a field like digital marketing. You may land a wannabe celebrity-client who wishes to increase his followers on social media. There are Instagram Growth Service tools that will help you increase your client’s followers by a few thousand each month, whereas he may be expecting a few million in that time frame.
  • Don’t take on more work than you can handle. If you are on your own, you don’t want to spend all your time sending emails back and forth, sitting at long meetings and other business tasks, when you ought to be doing actual work and delivering results. You don’t want to find yourself short on energy and motivation when you sit down to plan and implement your strategy.
  • Fall in love with a proprietary tool and purchase it immediately. Most of these tools have a free trial period which is enough for you or any team member to try basic tasks and see the utility it offers. For instance, you may want to track users’ interaction with a particular product using behavioral analytics. It is best to try a couple of tools before going ahead and investing in anything expensive. To take a previous example, Instagram Growth Service tools offer a free trial period, before the paid subscription begins. Nothing should stop you from using a few different tools or even checking out a free, downloadable Instagram Followers app. There are many Influencer Marketplace like Ainfluencer designed to help brands with their campaigns and many of them offer an initial free trial.


Finally, don’t undervalue yourself. It may be that your culture has always taught you to be humble, and that is a good trait to have. But in the real world, you should toot your own horn and showcase your strengths and potential. No client is going to hire a marketer who undermines himself.

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