Everything You Need to Know to Get Ready For the Street Fighter 6 Release

Everything You Need to Know to Get Ready For the Street Fighter 6 Release

It’s been 7 long years, but the time has finally come for the next installment of Street Fighter. The next version of the game that changed the game promises to be bigger and better than anything that has come before. Street Fighter 6 is loaded with new features, new characters, new modes of play, and upgrades to what you love best about the franchise. Not all of the details are available, but here’s everything you need to know so far so you can be ready for what promises to be one of the best Capcom video games, Street Fighter 6.

Release Date

Of course, this is the big question. The game has been in beta testing since October, and the team has been taking notes and fine-tuning the game. After the release of Street Fighter 5 had mixed reviews, hopefully, this one comes out of the gate fully ready and realized. As it stands, the game will be released on June 2, 2023, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/s.

Three Game Modes

It looks like there will be three game modes in Street Fighter 6. They will be a combination of totally new features and upgraded classics that you know and love.

The World Tour is brand new, and it is being very heavily marketed. For the first time, there will be an open-world feature in a Street Fighter game. You create your character and can explore the Metro City. Not much is known about how it will work since Street Fighter is a fighting game as opposed to an adventure or quest game. The trailers seem to show training, with long-time characters showing you their special moves. Hopefully, we get some more details. Most likely, it will be a combination of action-adventure gaming and fighting. It’s very exciting that you can create your own avatar and customize your features.

Fighting Ground is as the name would suggest. It’s where you go to fight. Play against your friends, an online opponent, or the computer. You can also go through training to hone your skills and prepare to do battle.

The Battle Hub is a central point for your avatar to do everything else you might want to do within the world of Street Fighter. You can talk to other players, including challenging them to fight and setting up tournaments. In this mode, you can also watch others compete, or play minigames of classic Capcom arcade games,

Drive System

Street Fighter 6 will incorporate fighting mechanics from past Street Fighter games, referred to as the drive gauge. The idea is to encourage players to be more creative with their moves. In the past, you had set moves that you could perform. However, over time the technology has evolved, and now there are new ways to perform moves and crush your opponents. You have a certain number of Drive Stocks per fight.

Drive impact allows you to not just deliver a powerful blow, but also absorb the enemy’s attack. This is an especially devastating move in the corner. The opponent can block and defend, but you will turn that maneuver against them, resulting in a takedown.

The Driver Reversal is a devastating counterattack. When your opponent goes in for an attack, perform a Drive Reversal to block the attack and hit them with a counterblow. This one takes two Drive Stocks.

Drive Rush is a quick rush at the opponent that can be converted into a combo attack. It is especially when used in conjunction with the next function.

The Drive Parry limits or even negates an opponent’s attack. You can even replenish your Drive Stocks if you connect with this move. If you time it right, you will perform a Perfect Parry, which slows everything down so you can counter your opponent’s move with a deadly combination. However, the longer you are in Parry Mode, the more your gauge will run down. Using this with the Drive Rush gives you extra damage to your opponent.


Overdrive is a general power-up for all of your moves. It will cost you two Drive Stocks, but you will be able to administer additional damage to your opponent. The stronger the move you perform, the more additional damage you will inflict.


For the first time ever, a fighting game will have real-time commentary. Street Fighter has gotten some legends to record lines for the game, just like sports games. The dialogue will be geared towards newer players to help them understand the mechanics of the game and get up to speed.

Street Fighter is coming back in a big way, with the sixth installment of the franchise. Now that you know what to expect, you can eagerly await the release and get ready to start fighting again.

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