Here’s Why Kids Need to Learn How to Code

Here’s Why Kids Need to Learn How to Code

Parents have enrolled their kids in coding classes for years because the writing has been on the wall for some time now: we live in a digital world. That computers would dominate society was evident long before the internet, and the rise of smartphones and other advancements have only reinforced this truth.

However, learning to code is more than just a practical means of giving kids the underlying skills to get a job one day. Please read on to learn other reasons why kids should learn to code.

It’s Fun!

Leading schools like Real Programming 4 Kids make their sessions revolve around creating video games. If kids learned nothing at all and only had a fun time playing and creating video games, the sessions would be worth it!

Modern classes use gamification dynamics to make their lessons as fun and engaging as the video games themselves. Young kids and teenagers can create a game they can play with friends and family, even if they’ve never coded before.

They’ll be so motivated to learn you’ll have to intervene to get them to stop coding instead of nudging them to learn.

Exercising Language Muscles

Few people think of coding languages as other more conventional languages, like Hebrew or French, but they are! Coding languages have their own rules and syntax to follow. If the coding doesn’t follow the right “grammar” rules, it won’t make sense, and the code needs rewriting.

Kids who learn to code are more adept at learning other languages. And why shouldn’t they be? Coding is a language, too. Look for a program that focuses on in-demand coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Working out your language muscles is great, but you may as well learn one that employers look for when they’re hiring.

Let Them Shape Tech, Instead of the Reverse

Knowing how to navigate the digital world is one thing. It’s important to understand basics like how to check email, use apps, and other basic but crucial things millions of people rely on daily.

However, knowing how the underlying code works lets you peak behind the scenes and more fundamentally understand the technology that’s so pervasive here. It’s basically the air we breathe. If you know how gamification works because you encounter it in coding, you’ll recognize it elsewhere and will be protected from its influence.

Gamification is excellent when applied to learning fun, important subjects. In commercial settings, companies use things like gamification and dark UX patterns to manipulate or nudge people into buying things.

Learning how these concepts work prepares you for life in the real world. Kids who turn into adults who can code are more likely to leave their signature on technology rather than have the technology shape them.

If you want to prepare your child for their eventual entry into the workforce, online coding classes might be the best way. Given all the other benefits, you should look for a program near you and enroll soon.

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