How to Develop Mobile Applications

How to Develop Mobile Applications

Do not expect to build your application by only reading this article! No article is enough for such a matter. But we can discuss everything you need without details. Yes, everything you need to know to develop Android and iOS mobile applications from scratch. Some topics may seem unclear to you and require more research. You would be doing great if you thought so! Let’s get started.

What Do You Need to Build a Mobile Application?

The costs and benefits of any mobile application will vary depending on the purpose, size, market conditions, etc. However, Let’s agree now that a mobile application will cost from $15,000 to $300,000. Imagine your business on a point on the scale between those two numbers. The upcoming parts of this article will sometimes present percentages of that range.

  • An idea for the mobile application
  • Market Research
  • Tailored Business Plan & Execution
  • Frameworks Such as flutter development
  • CRM
  • Continuous R&D

An Idea for the Mobile Application

It doesn’t have to be new. Don’t fall into this cave! Some developers would block their minds for years searching for the brilliant idea that never comes! While they could use that time by simply developing existing ideas of existing applications and ideas! We are called developers, aren’t we!?

However, you will need an idea for your mobile application. You can come up with a new idea to change the world! And you can also take the easier way. Unlike it may seem, developing an existing idea is much easier and has more chances of success. There are lots of studies that prove this matter. It makes sense if you give it a thought. An existing idea is predictable. And that makes it a better option. Does it make sense now? Wouldn’t it be easier for any developer to anticipate the result of launching a mobile application by studying the launching impact of their competitors?

Market Research for Mobile Applications and Mobile Application Businesses

Market research for mobile applications is a matter of conflict for many. And that’s why developers and managers get lost in the details and misunderstand the term “Market.” Developers, managers, and even marketing agencies ask, which market do you mean? The app store? Or the national market?

This matter is different for each type/category of a mobile application. But some mobile applications are for purposes related directly to another market rather than the Google Play store or the iOS Application Store. Such as car markets, groceries, education, etc. And sometimes, there are terminology conflicts that you want to avoid. You want to deal with both aspects apart. As a mobile application developer, you will study two markets. The market where you list your applications. And the market you are listed in as a mobile application developer!

Tailored Plan & Execution of Your Mobile Application

You wouldn’t be developing mobile applications just for fun, do you?! It must be for business purposes. And any business without a plan is a failure. However, business plans are a complex matter. The scientific approaches themselves develop faster than anybody! Every day there are new applications and methods for better business planning, including mobile application businesses. However, all recent studies emphasize the idea of paralleling both execution and planning processes aside, especially for older companies that existed. That is for several reasons, and all of them are logical. But the most significant one is the realistic figures in your plan when you do so. When you execute, you collect actual data and base your future studies and plans upon them. There can’t be better estimations and forecasts when you do so. That approach can be challenging for a new business that would need a proper starting plan. And that’s why you read earlier that it will always be more applicable to older companies.

Application Builders, Such as Flutter

At that point, you will start to build your backend, choose a programming language, a platform to list your mobile application, etc. Your business plan must have included or been including all information. There can be thousands of items that your mobile application development might need in the upcoming list. However, let’s assume you choose Flutter, React Native, or any similar technology to do cross-platform development. Your mobile application might need some or all of the following:

  1. Backend
  2. Server Rent
  3. Domain
  4. UI Design
  5. Web designs
  6. Debugging
  7. Listing on Platforms
  8. CRM
  9. R&D


In the previous sections of this article, we discussed some items of those in the list. But we didn’t have a chance to mention that you will need a CRM if you develop mobile applications. At least, professional services should reply to users rating on the platform(s) markets.

Continuous R&D

The same thing applies to R&D. Developing mobile applications is an upward hill! You can’t just stand still. You are either going up or down!

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