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How To Elevate Mouth Corners

How To Elevate Mouth Corners

When the features of the face age, they tend to droop, and follow the pull of gravity. Mouths are no exception. With time, the philtrum and the corners of the mouth are pulled downward by gravity, causing a saggy, weathered appearance.

Like a facelift, a smile lift can elevate mouth corners, reversing the effects of gravity and aging on the entire mouth, including the upper and lower lips and philtrum. Many patients find that undergoing Elevate mouth corners Scottsdale provides a more feminine and alluring appearance and that their smile is revitalized.

What Is A Botox Smile Lift?

Botox, the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, a neurotoxin, which is found in nature and has been reformulated as medical treatment, is injected into the small facial muscles surrounding the mouth. The muscles are paralyzed, which results in an appearance of lift to the corners of the mouth, as well as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and smoother skin.

Medical professionals specifically target a key muscle, the depressor angularis oris, in order to “lift” a smile. Additionally, for many patients who are unhappy with wrinkles and creases that form around their lips and the corners of their mouths, a Botox “smile lift” smooths and reduces the appearance of these wrinkles. Patients state that the improved confidence they experience allows them to smile, kiss, laugh, and even frown, after undergoing Botox mouth corner elevation treatment.

How Long Has Botox Been Approved?

The NCBI reports that Botox has been used in the field of ophthalmology since the 1970s. It’s use for cosmetic conditions was first studied in 1994. In addition to cosmetic treatments, Botox has been used to treat spasmodic dysphonia, eyelid spasms, drooling, excessive sweating, crossed eyes, thyroid eye disease, and Bell’s palsy, in addition to several other conditions, safely for decades.

Doctors have prescribed Botox for millions of patients. Complications as a result of cosmetic Botox injections are said to occur “rarely.”

Naturally Lift Mouth Corners

In addition to regular jaw exercises, one method recommended for those wishing to lift mouth corners without medical treatment is to use the fingers to push into wrinkled and dropping skin. This promotes smoothing of creases and wrinkles, and will aid in lifting the mouth’s corners. Repeating this mouth-corner pushing procedure several times each day is thought to aid in natural smile lifting.

Those who wish to experience immediate results or who find that natural smile lift remedies aren’t working for them can often find an immediate solution to getting their mouth corners elevated using Botox. Effects can be seen within two to five days and last up to six months. With regular treatments, most patients live their lives with the lifted smiles they have always desired, almost never crossing their minds.

Botox works by paralyzing the muscles around the mouth and lips, providing lift, and smoothing and firming wrinkled skin. It is extremely safe and has been used by millions of people since first being approved in the 1970s. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those living with certain other conditions, may not be suitable patients for Botox. A trained medical professional with experience administering Botox can help individuals make the best decision for their situation and is the optimal source of information.

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