How To Get A Disposable Virtual Number For SMS Verification

How To Get A Disposable Virtual Number For SMS Verification

Everywhere we go, technology is evolving all around the world. More and more apps and websites are trying to get your information and data for reselling. Luckily some websites are offering solutions to get past this as temporary emails and disposable numbers so you don’t have to submit much personal info to these websites for verification.

Temporary emails and disposable numbers are very good as:

  • Can help reduce privacy risks;
  • Not much selling of real personal data;
  • Can help reduce spam calls and texts to your personal number.

They’re used by many people on the internet and they are legal for most purposes when registering onto your website or app of choice.

What is a disposable number and how do they work?

You may be wondering what a disposable number is, right? A disposable number is a number that is used for registering for different websites and apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and others; this is so you don’t have to use your personal phone number. When registering with a disposable number.

Disposable numbers are extremely cheap as well and you can select many countries all around the globe! The ability to select many countries is also very useful as you can easily bypass geo-restrictions and make it look like you are from that specific country or region, this is why they are potentially great if you want to create a business deal with somebody or want to travel without possible roaming costs or having the need to buy an expensive SIM Card.

So you may be wondering where you can buy a cheap yet premium disposable number for many apps and websites?

Where to get disposable numbers?

There are many places where we can get disposable numbers for many countries around the world, you may be tempted to flock to many other websites but one of the best websites is SMS-Man.

SMS-Man provides many countries with 500+ services and has over 100+ active suppliers for over 120+ countries. They’re a well-used platform for getting online phone number; they are also actively adding new numbers and new services to their platform.

They offer many other features such as a rent feature too. The rent feature allows you to receive unlimited SMS on one number within a certain time period, for a certain cost. It is very helpful if you want to receive two SMS on the same number or if you want unlimited verifications.

The customer support will provide very good service and will try to assist you with your inquiries and needs.


Disposable numbers are very useful for many purposes. They are a growing part of technology and stop personal data from being leaked.

There are many places that will offer you disposable numbers but one of the top platforms on the market is They’re one of the cheapest yet best platforms in the industry and their platform is still growing.

You can get disposable numbers in many countries around the world without having to even leave your house. This is why disposable numbers can be very useful if you are wanting to start a business with someone or want to travel somewhere without needing to buy an expensive SIM card.

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