How to Improve Your Sales Demo and Close Deals

How to Improve Your Sales Demo and Close Deals

Sales are crucial to many businesses because they determine the profit they earn. However, many people fumble the sales pitches they make to clients. There are various reasons for this, but a poorly presented sales demo is a major one. If the sales demo is not captivating or interactive enough, you will likely lose your customer’s interest during your pitch. Putting together a sound sales demo can boost your confidence when speaking to your customer, resulting in a deal.

What Is a Sales Demo?

A sales demonstration is the delivery of a sales presentation to a potential customer so they know the value, features, and ability of a specific product or service in a bid to close a deal. During this demo, you are expected to address how your product or service will tackle your customer’s needs.

There are many ways to deliver sales demos, including live video chats and in-person presentations. Each delivery method has its demo tools that will help facilitate the process. In-person pitches are best delivered with an authentic sales demo environment that can show data, case studies, screenshots, and other helpful information.

The ability to deliver a clear and concise sales demo is essential, which is why companies sometimes use recruitment agencies to hire seasoned sales executives. Some outsource their sales activities, but this is sometimes not a good idea.

Tips to Deliver a Proper Sales Demo

Many sales demos fail because sales executives fail to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. They focus solely on what they have to offer instead of what their potential customer wants. Here are some tips that can help you close more deals with your sales demo:

1. Research your customer

Before pitching to a potential customer, research them to find out their needs. This will help you tailor the benefits of your product or service to those needs, thereby establishing a direct connection with the customer.

2. Be concise

Your sales demo should be short and straight to the point. Avoid going on tangents and presenting meaningless statistics. Focus on how what you offer will take care of their needs and leave its working mechanism for later unless you are asked to demonstrate it. Speak clearly and avoid using technical terms because it might confuse the person you are presenting to.

3. Answer the questions you are asked

The potential customer will likely need some clarity and expect you to be knowledgeable enough to answer their questions. Be sure to understand your presentation, and practice possible questions and answers beforehand. This will enable you to answer questions thrown your way confidently. Confident responses instill trust in whoever you pitch to, making you more likely to close a deal with them.


Sales demos help companies close deals with other businesses or specific individuals, so many invest heavily in sales training for their staff. To deliver the presentation effectively, you should use the demo tool appropriate for the occasion. It will be best to practice your sales pitch several times with the software you will use to avoid making mistakes. Be confident, clear, and concise in your presentation, and you will likely succeed.

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