Increase Your Home’s Luck With These Five Tips

Increase Your Home’s Luck With These Five Tips

A lucky house or condo unit will bring its inhabitants more prosperity, positive energy, and wealth. If you’ve just moved into Norwood Grand, then here are five tips you can follow to make it happen.

Add Some Plants

There are a lot of houseplants that are considered lucky and have ‘lucky’ on their names, including lucky bamboo, lucky plant, and fortune plant, which means you get to take your pick. Fortunately, most of them are pretty easy to take care of, requiring minimal sunlight and watering on a daily basis. Double the luck by putting these plants in strategic spots in your condo.

Lucky Charms and Feng-Shui

Lucky charms such as horseshoes, a horse statue, or a frog can invite more luck in and don’t require any upkeep. You can shop for these in any antiquity store or a specialty place near you. Consider arranging your furniture in feng-shui-approved places as well.

Eliminate Clutter

Too much clutter is not good for the house and its inhabitants, so make it a point to clear them out regularly. Start by cleaning the floor, then surfaces, and finally, the whole room. Throw out food and trash the things you don’t need while organizing the important items in storage.

Clean Entryway

It’s important to have a nice, clean, and conducive entryway, be it a main door or a door to the balcony. Keep them clean and free from clutter, and do not put large objects that can be an obstruction. The door should be able to fully open and nicely too, so keep the gears oiled every now and then.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are said to bring natural energy and draw light towards the room. You can fill a vase with fresh and vibrant flowers and put them in a prominent spot to attract viewers and comments from guests.

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