Normal Charges For Assault and Child Abuse In Pennsylvania

Normal Charges For Assault and Child Abuse In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, there is not one all-encompassing “domestic violence” offense. Instead, offenders are charged with various violations based on the accusations made by family members or other household members. To learn more, here are a few instances of the underlying criminal accusations you can see in a domestic abuse or violence case.


Aggression can refer to situations in which another person is physically injured or faces the prospect of being physically injured. For instance, assault can involve recklessly or purposely inflicting injury on another person or making someone worry they will be hurt in the future. Charges of assault may be brought in a variety of domestic violence situations, such as the following:

  • You pretend like you are about to punch someone as you lift a glass in the air.
  • Even though you did not intend to shoot the gun, it accidentally goes off as you wave it around and hits someone.
  • You strike someone, regardless of how lightly.
  • Although if you stop in time, you drive your vehicle forward toward a family member standing in the driveway, giving them the impression that you will strike them.

Due to the broad range of behaviors that can qualify as assault, charges of assault are frequently brought in domestic abuse cases. Depending on the exact claims, different charges and punishments may be imposed for assault. For instance, violent assault is a felony, while simple assault is a misdemeanor. However, even a misdemeanor battery conviction has a maximum sentence of two years in prison, making all assault allegations significant. Serious bodily injury felonies might carry sentences of up to 20 years in jail. If you have been detained for any level of assault, you should always hire a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Child Abuse

A person may be charged with kid abuse for several different behaviors, such as physically or sexually assaulting a child. When a parent spanks a child, for example, they frequently think they are acting within their rights but later face serious domestic violence accusations. A youngster may potentially suffer severe mental injuries as a result of abuse. Furthermore, even if you have never hurt your child personally, you could be accused of abuse of children if you permit someone else to do so. Sexual assault or molestation against children is another form of abuse.

Depending on the specifics of a case, child abuse charges and penalties vary, but they are always severe.

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