Novice-Friendly Games: How to Find them Online?

Novice-Friendly Games How to Find them Online?

Hello there, new gambler! The community welcomes you and hopes your gaming journey will be profitable and fun. Have you already chosen the Online Slots you want to spin? No? Do not worry, as we have a slot checklist to share to back you up and help you make a great choice independently. Here it is!

1. Check the Pro Gambler’s Verdict: What Did the Adepts Experience and Share?

Casino reviews are 100% easy-to-find analysis materials that will explain the game fully. Type the slot’s title you like in Google, and read what other players think about it. Some of the most comprehensive resources for review reading are AskGamblers, ORDB, and Reddit. You do not have to register on a gambling platform to get access to them — they are available on the Internet for everyone.

2. Understand the Mechanism: RTP + Volatility = Your Profit

The RTP (full term: Return To Player) rate is the percentage of money a slot machine returns to gamblers in the long run. The higher it is, the better. The thing is that you will not see any visible results after playing 100 or even 1,000 spins. You need to have patience and give the game some time.

Volatility is a risk rate that characterizes how often a slot machine pays out prizes and how big they are. The volatility can be either high or low. Sometimes you may find games with average volatility. Here is an explanation for all types:

  • Low volatility: safe but barely profitable. If you want to make small but frequent winnings, go for slots with low volatility. These will provide you with many gaming sessions but little profit in each of them.
  • High volatility: longer sessions, bigger losses, yet legendary wins. The high-volatility slots, on the contrary, will not pay out that often but will give you bigger wins when they do. Delay playing it for your safety.
  • Average/mixed/medium volatility: the equilibrium of losses and wins. That is a 50/50 chance game that will not make you lose ten times in a row but will not throw money at you. So, you will sometimes lose… Sometimes win… Lose again… Win again…

3. Knowing the Developer: Research the Provider’s Portfolio

When you’ve found the slot provider, research their other products. Do they have any novice-friendly slots in their portfolio? Chances are that you will like some of them as well. To find out more about the game developers and their products, go to their official websites and look for:

  • The number of games they have produced;
  • The awards they have won;
  • The feedback from both experts and common gamblers.

If you like one particular provider, it facilitates your search for new games. Plus, you will be certain that this session will not take all of your cash if you play a game from a lawful and gambler-friendly creator! As a rule, reputable providers create only high-RTP (90%+), medium or low volatility, and high-quality slots with any aesthetics.

4. Try the Game for Free: Demo is Your Best Bet

If you are still doubtful about your chosen game, try it in the demo version first. The gameplay is usually the same as in the real money version, but you will not spend a cent of your cash. Online casinos offer free play so their guests can test the slots and see if they like them.

Final Words

Now you know everything about finding novice-friendly slots! We hope our guide will help you make the best decision and choose a game that suits your gaming style, needs, and expectations. May the wins be big, and the losses — be tiny! Good luck in your gambling journey!

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