Should You Get an iOS or Android Phone for Gaming?

Should You Get an iOS or Android Phone for Gaming?

iPhone versus Android is a hot debate for those who are looking to buy a mobile gaming device. Which phone should you get on your next upgrade?

App Store or Play Store?

App Store versus Play Store is a significant topic since there are exclusive games on iOS and Android.

Generally speaking, App Store games are much more diverse but it does come with a lot of paid apps. However, those who are looking to play free online games should lean towards Android as it has more of them.

iPhone gets a nice boost with the Apple Arcade service. It’s a platform where users can access exclusive games at a monthly price. It’s worth noting though, that on the Android side there are ‘gaming phones’, or specialized devices that cater to the niche. You get advanced cooling technology, higher refresh rates and bigger screens, all of which translate to greater immersion.

Game Selection

In terms of numbers games on Android and iOS are about the same, with the App Store having a slight lead when it comes to quality.

Online casino enthusiasts and slot diehards won’t have to choose iOS or Android, since they can typically play top-notch games like สล็อต on any compatible web browser. You can even cast your screen to a larger monitor such as a TV to experience a real-life casino setting.

Game emulation is easier on Android than iOS since it’s more open and less restrictive. It’s a significant factor for those who want to play classics and console games on their mobile devices.

Game Peripherals and Accessories

Both Android and iOS support a number of game-themed accessories and peripherals. For the iPhone and iPad, you can connect a DualShock 4 controller via Bluetooth while Android has a number of third party brands that connect wirelessly or on the side, effectively turning your phone into a mini-Switch.

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