The Best Way to Level Up in League of Legends: Looking for Gamers

League of Legends, featuring competitive nature, is sought-after, with 180 million users. If you are one of the users and want to figure out how to level up in this game, you have come to the right place. Here are some tricks that help you get more experience in a short period, among which looking for gamers is the best to help you level up.

Some Ways to Level Up in League of Legends

Apart from looking for gamers, the following ways can help you level up in League of Legends, which also applies to website games to play with friends.

1. Play Many Matches

Playing many games is an efficient way to level up in League of Legends. No matter which game mode, ARAM, ARURF, Summoner’s Rift, or Teamfight, this rule is all applicable. Each game at the end will give different amounts of EXP. In general, playing matches in League of Legends can reward you from 50 to 300 EXP. However, it should be noted that a match must last for at least 7 minutes. Otherwise, you can’t get EXP. Also, you can accumulate more EXP if you win the game.

2. Finish Tasks

If you are struggling to level up, it is highly recommended to accomplish tasks in the game daily, which are available to every user. Just click the quest menu, and you will know what tasks are waiting to be completed. Additional EXP will be awarded to you once you finish, with which you can level up considerably faster.

3. Win the Game for the First Time in the Day

When you reach level 15, you will unlock a quest available every 20 hours daily, which is about getting the day’s first win. In other words, if you win at least 1 or more PVP matches each day, you will be rewarded with an additional 400 XP. (Apart from 50 Blue Essence)

4. Choose a Game against the AI

Choose a game mode against the AI and set its difficulty to Beginner. Then, select a champion playing Mid Lane or Bot Lane with high attack speed and serious damage. However, make sure that you focus exclusively on destroying turrets and defeating Heralds instead of other objectives. With this method, you can win all your League of Legends games to get that extra experience. However, you should get mentally prepared that it will be boring, but it works, especially in the first levels (up to 9) when the bots will grant 100% EXP.

The Best Way That You Can Level Up Fast in League of Legends

The abovementioned methods can help you level up in League of Legends. However, there are so many rules in League of Legends that you might have no clue about how to carry them out. If you want to have a sound grasp of gaming skills and level up in a short time, looking for gamers is the best way. Here are the reasons.

1. Better Using Experience with Like-Minded Users

You may inevitably come across weak teammates by random matching, who are killjoys that will only drag your process of leveling up. Instead, if you are looking for gamers who are like-minded to you, especially professional gamers, this unpleasant experience can be avoided.

2. Professional Guidance

Another reason why looking for gamers is the most optimal way is that you can get professional guidance. This can be achieved by finding coaches for help. Looking for gamers costs you a little money, while you get the chance to play with professional coaches and get professional guidance to hone your gaming skill.

A Reliable Website to Look for Engaging Gamers

Looking for gamers to play games is a good way. Nevertheless, finding reliable and suitable gamers is not easy, but you can log in to the E-PAL website, which offers entertaining teamwork services to users. Up to now, it has helped many users sharpen their gaming skills with the help of professional gamers and coaches. On this website, you can always find a suitable partner, from league coaches to former professional players, to help you level up in League of Legends. Now, looking for gamers will never be difficult here.

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