The Impact that Street Fighter II Has Had on the Fighting Game Genre

The Impact that Street Fighter II Has Had on the Fighting Game Genre

In 1991, popular game-production company Capcom, released Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in the arcades. The game served as a sequel to their 1987 game Street Fighter, and made a number of notable improvements. For example, better gameplay, more impressive graphics, and a wider selection of playable characters, all of which have become a staple of the Street Fighter franchise today. The game is widely regarded as one of the greatest games of all time, and it is among the most popular.

Not only is Street Fighter II a great game, it is also one of the most important video game, especially in the realm of competitive gaming. Just what is it that makes this game so hugely impactful?  

eSports and Competitive Gaming

Video game tournaments and competitions are nothing new. They have been around since the earliest days of video games. However, the popularity of competitive gaming (henceforth referred to as eSports) in the 20th century, pales in comparison to the prominence it enjoys today. Video game tournaments are held around the world, in which compete professional players. Indeed, the name eSports is apt, as competitive gaming today is much closer to a sporting event, than to an intense game amongst friends.

Not only that, but eSports betting has become a prominent hobby amongst video game aficionados. More and more gambling and betting sites like spinsify.com/uk are opening up to the possibility of video game-based bets. In general, the video game industry has significantly risen in popularity, making online casino sites hugely popular, especially among hardcore gamers.

And Street Fighter II played a huge part in popularizing video game tournaments in the mainstream. The game was the inspiration for a great deal of underground gaming tournaments, which soon grew in popularity, eventually leading to the Evolution Cross Series, one of the most prominent eSports events today.

Many games have come out since Street Fighter II, that have overtaken it as the most popular in the eSports scene, however, it still remains popular at many fighting game tournaments around the globe.

The Impact on the Fighting Genre

Apart from the impact the game has had on the video game industry in general, it is also a pioneer in its own genre. Popular fighting games today still rely on and utilize many of the mechanics that Street Fighter II invented. For example, the mechanic for one of the most iconic moves in all of gaming, the Shoryuken, is still utilized today, not just in Street Fighter games, but in a plethora of other fighting games, such as Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear, etc. In the eyes of many, the modern fighting genre, is built on the back of Street Fighter II.

Apart from its advancement in mechanics, Street Fighter II was also the first game to introduce a colorful roster of strange, unique, and lovable characters to the genre. Unlike its predecessor, Ryu is no longer the sole playable fighter. Fan favorites, and franchise-mainstays like Vega, Guile, Chun-Li and Zangief were all introduced in Street Fighter II.

Truly, the importance of this game cannot be understated, especially when it comes to the fighting game genre.


Street Fighter II is not only one of the best video games of all time, it is also hugely important and influential in the development of the fighting game and the video game industry as a whole. Its place in history is truly well deserved.

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