Top 6 Online AI Video Translator Review in 2023

Top 6 Online AI Video Translator Review in 2023 01

We all have heard about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and know how dangerous it can be. But do you know every coin has two sides? Likewise, AI is beneficial too. There are numerous AI Video Translators that are being used. Video translators have incorporated the technology of Artificial Intelligence that can assist you in translating the video. Confused? Well, let us explain a bit more! 

Suppose a video is in French or Spanish and you can only speak English; then, with the assistance of an AI video translator, you can understand the video in English; amazing, isn’t it? However there are uncountable platforms for it, but in this informative piece, we will explore the top 6 online AI video translators.  

What Is Video Translation?

Video translation is an increasing approach that several individuals and businesses use. This is because language is a significant obstacle in breaking the cultural barrier. However, this barrier can easily be broken down with AI-powered video translators, and cross-cultural communication can be significantly promoted. 

With the power of AI-powered video translators, the current landscape of businesses is changing and evolving for the greater good. These AI tools can help you increase your target audience, and people from different sovereign states can understand your message, and yes! You do not have to hire a translator for that. So, it is easy, cost-effective, and a better approach. Moreover, hiring a translator is also a time-consuming errand, but AI-powered video translators can accomplish this task in a few hours. Nonetheless, 100% accuracy is unachievable at the moment, but they are accurate up to 95%. So, they require a human to check the content after completion by AI tool, but due to 95% accuracy, these AI-powered video translators are worth it! 

Moreover, picture this: you stumble upon a captivating foreign film with mesmerizing visuals, but alas! The dialogue is in a language you need help understanding. That’s where video translation comes into play – it allows us to enjoy content from all corners of the globe without being hindered by linguistic boundaries. 

Beyond its entertainment value, video translation has immense practical significance as well. It enables international corporations to reach broader audiences, facilitates collaboration among multinational teams, and aids governments in disseminating vital information across borders. 

Top 6 Online AI Video Translators 

HitPaw Online AI Video Translator

HitPaw offers an AI Video Translator that utilizes advanced technology to enhance engagement, increase the discoverability of videos, and expand reach to global audiences. With the help of this technology, video content can be made available in multiple languages quickly and cost-effectively.

How Does It Work? 

You can use this fantastic AI translator tool in three simple steps.

  1. Upload the video or paste the YouTube link you want to translate into your language.
  1. Select the language you want to translate, for example, English, Urdu, Japanese, Spanish, French, etc.
  1. Now you have to preview and download the video. Well, the last step is to enjoy and chill! 


Translation services are available for a week, a month, or a year with prices of $25, $80, and $720 per year. All subscriptions come with automatic renewal and can be canceled anytime. There’s no limit on the number of video translations you request, and no watermark appears on translated videos. Translation duration varies depending on your plan: 30 minutes per week for the weekly plan, 120 minutes per month for the monthly plan, and 1440 minutes (or 24 hours) per year for the yearly plan. The maximum limit of processed files is 500MB, while video uploading is only 30 minutes.

2. Kapwing

Kapwing is a free web-based video editor that translates videos. It supports over 70 languages and includes transcription, translation, and subtitling features. A premium plan is available for more features and storage space.


It has a free and pro version of $16 monthly (billed annually). 

3. operates on the cloud and can translate videos. It boasts of supporting more than one hundred languages and provides a range of functionalities such as transcription, subtitling, and translation. While some basic features are accessible to users for free, offers an enhanced premium plan that includes supplementary storage capacity and advanced features at a cost.


Free: Ideal for brief tasks under 10 minutes. No charges or credit card is needed. Get limitless 720p exports with a watermark, make videos up to 10 minutes long, and access 30 minutes of subtitles every month with 5 minutes of translation.

Basic: Effortless online video editing with added features at $12 per month, billed annually. Includes no watermark, 1080p video export for up to 25 minutes long, 720 minutes of subtitles, and 60 minutes of subtitle translation per user.

Pro version: offers video creation enhancements for individuals and professionals at $24/month, billed annually. Includes watermark removal, 1,440 minutes of subtitles, 180 minutes of subtitle translation per user, stock audio/video/templates, and AI editing tools like clean audio and text-to-speech.”

Business: Customized plan for businesses prioritizing video for growth, communication, and teamwork ($ 59 /mo Billed $708 annually, per user). Advanced features for success. Enhance strategies with video.

4. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a transcription and translation service that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Its capabilities extend to video translation and boast many functionalities, such as subtitling, transcription, and translation in over 120 languages. While Happy Scribe extends a complimentary 30-minute time frame for its transcription service, a premium plan grants users unlimited transcription and translations.

5. Vidby

Vidby is an internet-based video translation platform that can convert videos into over a hundred languages. In addition, it provides users with a diverse set of features such as transcription, subtitling, and voiceover services. While Vidby allows free usage for basic features, it also offers a premium scheme with supplementary characteristics and storage capacity.

6. Go Transcript

The AI-driven platform, Go Transcript, qualifies as a transcription and translation service that proficiently caters to video translations across an extensive spectrum of more than 100 languages. The platform incorporates several functionalities, including transcription services, translations, and subtitling. Although the initial ten minutes of transcription are offered for free, there is an option for premium plans that permit unlimited usage of transcription and translation features.

NameKey FeaturesPriceUser FriendlinessProsCons
HitPaw Online AI Video EnhancerFree trial availableSupport 11 languages  $25 (weekly)$80 (Monthly)$720 (Annually)Easy and simple to use  Free TrialEasy to usePowerful AI technologyOnly 2 videos in free trialWatermark in free version.Can be costly
KapwingSupports over 70 languagesNo download required  Free$16 (Monthly)Interface is easy to use. Easy to find toolsMore languages supportedNo DownloadCost effectiveCan be slow for longer videos.Watermark in free plan  
Veed.ioSupports over 100 languagesGood accuracyEdit videos onlineFreeBasic: $12 (Monthly)Pro: $24 (Monthly)Business: $59 (Monthly)Easy to use.Tutorials availableWide range of languages.Free for basic featuresExpensive business planCan be slow for longer videosWatermarks in free version
Happy ScribeSupports more than 10 languagesAutomatic and human transcribing options available  FreeBasic: $10 (Monthly)Pro: $17 (Monthly)Business: $29 (Monthly)Little bit complex than other tools.Good reviewsCost effective Several plans   Little bit complex than other toolsSome minutes are available in free version  
VidbySupports 70 languagesGood accuracyPricing plan as per the video and qualityComplexWide range of featuresCan be expensive for several videos.
Go TranscriptFast turnaround timeVarious servicesTranscription: $0.84 per minuteCaptions: $1.22 per minuteTranslation: $0.07 per wordForeign Subtitles $11.80 per minuteComplexCustomer loyalty discountInstant ordering available Tailored to industry needs like medical, legal, etc.Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Translate Video Fast & Accurately?

The quality of video translation services is not uniform. Opting for a trustworthy service that utilizes advanced technology for precise and expeditious translations is advisable. Before submitting the video, it is essential to ensure the audio is clear and any challenging words are identified. Depending on the budget and requirements, one might have to decide between automatic or human translation services. Finally, monitoring the final translated version for accuracy, coherence, and fluency is crucial.

2. What’s The Significance Of Video Translation?

Video translation expands audience reach, promotes businesses or ideas, and educates and informs about products and services. Breaking down language barriers helps individuals connect with other cultures or facilitates international business.

3. How To Translate YouTube Videos?

You can effortlessly convert a video by inputting a YouTube link into HitPaw Online AI Video Translator or any other translator. The tool will analyze the link and retrieve the necessary data. Aside from translation services, obtaining downloaded audio and subtitles for translated YouTube content is possible!


Video translation helps connect with a global audience, improve customer service, offer education and information, and break language barriers. If you want your videos to reach an international audience, video translation is the best solution, as it makes them accessible to everyone. When looking for a video translation provider, consider important factors such as accuracy, prompt delivery time, affordable pricing, helpful features like transcription and subtitling, and user-friendliness. HitPaw Online AI Video Translator offers excellent video translation services due to its precision in translations, quick turnaround times, affordability, and ease of use. The platform supports over ten languages and provides transcription, subtitling, and voiceover options without additional charges.

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