Top 7 AI Apps to Boost Business and Productivity

Top 7 AI Apps to Boost Business and Productivity

In the dynamic and rapidly transforming business environment, maintaining an edge over competitors is more important than ever. Business growth is the #1 goal for all business owners. For this, businesses need to optimise every facet of business to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Many entrepreneurs consider Artificial intelligence as their worst enemy. As per the Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum, AI-powered machines are expected to replace 85 million jobs by the year 2025. But if used effectively AIt can be an entrepreneur’s best friend. Large enterprises like Google, Adobe, and Microsoft are at the forefront of harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance their business. Nevertheless, even small businesses can use AI tools to leverage the full spectrum of advantages.

If you inquire about AI, people are likely to mention ChatGPT, yet the scope of AI extends far beyond that. Much, much farther than that. In 2023, the user spending went up by more than 4000% on AI-powered apps.

Let’s look at the thoughtfully compiled list of AI tools designed to boost your business, minimise manual work, and improve overall productivity.

  1. ChatGPT
  2. SEOKart
  3. Elephas
  4. Jasper
  5. Chatspot AI by HubSpot
  6. Superhuman
  7. Notion AI


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a language model that employs a transformer architecture. It has undergone training using an extensive dataset from the internet, which is the basis for its name, Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). ChatGPT proves invaluable in the business sphere, serving multifaceted roles. Its utility extends to web development, offering assistance in generating content, refining ideas, and facilitating brainstorming sessions. Additionally, ChatGPT contributes significantly to search engine optimization (SEO) strategies by generating keyword-rich content and providing insights on relevant topics. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role as a chatbot, enhancing customer interactions and support services. Its versatility makes ChatGPT a versatile tool for businesses seeking to streamline operations, bolster their online presence, and engage effectively with their audience. Although, there are some problems. ChatGPT is not accurate in generating responses as there can be errors and information is not real-time.


SEOKart is a comprehensive SEO app designed for Shopify and BigCommerce stores. Positioned as the ultimate SEO solution, it incorporates AI technology for future-proof optimization. The app facilitates a quick and thorough SEO audit, examining vital factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, content, images, links, and URLs. Users can leverage actionable insights from the audit and employ integrated GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) for effortless store optimization, aiming for a perfect 100% SEO score. SEOKart streamlines the optimization process by automating tasks like bulk meta tag and alt text optimization, even for new pages with cruise control. SEOKart also offer managed SEO services and it is rated among the best Shopify SEO Apps.


Elephas App, a personal AI writing assistant exclusively for Mac users, employs a combination of AI technology and a second brain AI to enhance the writing experience. Its versatility extends across multiple Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. The Elephas app proves invaluable in various writing tasks such as crafting cover letters, social media posts, articles, emails, etc. The app features an AI smart keyboard that allows users to seamlessly generate content, write emails, compose documents, and even rephrase text to suit different tones. With Elephas, users can expect a user-friendly and efficient writing experience that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline content creation across their Apple ecosystem.


Jasper stands as a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform dedicated to accelerating content creation for teams. Its primary mission is to power up businesses with generative AI, enabling them to produce high-quality content more efficiently. Teams utilize Jasper to overcome writer’s block, repurpose existing content, generate original art, and refine writing for language and tone. The platform boasts the remarkable ability to create campaign assets within seconds, providing a swift solution to content creation needs. What sets Jasper apart is its unique capability to ensure factually accurate content by allowing users to upload knowledge about their business, audience, and content. By feeding the AI with content or style guides, Jasper enables users to create tailored content that aligns precisely with the desired tone of voice. In essence, Jasper serves as a valuable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their content creation processes through the power of artificial intelligence.

Chatspot AI by HubSpot

ChatSpot, an innovative conversational bot and AI-Copilot, is meticulously crafted to elevate and streamline tasks within HubSpot CRM. This cutting-edge tool reshapes user interactions by embracing natural language queries, eliminating the necessity for traditional searches. Users can effortlessly seek insights, information, or reports from ChatSpot, simulating a conversation with a coworker. The versatility of ChatSpot extends to content creation, allowing users to instruct the bot seamlessly in generating communication materials, such as custom emails for specific contacts and subjects. Additionally, ChatSpot proves indispensable in prospecting, adeptly responding to criteria-based questions. With its user-friendly conversational interface, ChatSpot marks a paradigm shift in CRM experiences, presenting a personalized and intuitive approach to efficiently manage and extract valuable insights from the HubSpot platform.


The Superhuman app represents a revolutionary AI-powered email solution tailored for high-performing teams. Praised as the fastest email experience ever crafted, Superhuman stands out for its thoughtful and visually stunning design. Despite its impressive features, it does come with a price tag of $30 per month. This premium email experience goes beyond traditional functionalities by aiding in scheduling events directly from emails, seamlessly integrating with calendars, and providing insightful information from Facebook and LinkedIn. Superhuman is not just an email tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that fosters better communication and collaboration among team members, offering a sophisticated and efficient approach to managing emails and enhancing overall team productivity.

Notion AI

Notion AI emerges as a groundbreaking feature within the versatile productivity app, Notion. Specializing in generating text responses based on user queries and the current context of the page, Notion AI adds a layer of intelligence to streamline interactions with the platform. Notion itself stands as a comprehensive tool, seamlessly integrating various work applications into one cohesive workspace for both individuals and teams. With the introduction of Notion AI, the app takes productivity to the next level by comprehending user work habits and offering tailored suggestions for improvement. This artificial intelligence feature enhances the overall user experience, making Notion not just a workspace aggregator but a dynamic tool that actively contributes to optimizing work efficiency and effectiveness.


As we conclude this exploration into the realm of AI apps, it’s evident that the AI train is one worth boarding. The rapid evolution of the AI landscape has given rise to an impressive array of tools, each revolutionizing industries and work processes in its unique way. The undeniable truth is that AI tools are set to become indispensable in shaping both our professional and personal spheres. As we move forward, the key lies in continuous exploration, staying informed about the latest advancements, and discerning how to seamlessly integrate these innovations into our lives. So, keep the curiosity alive, stay abreast of the developments, and discover the avenues that resonate with you as we collectively embrace the ever-evolving AI revolution.


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