Top Software Testing YT Channels for 2024

Top Software Testing YT Channels for 2024

Are you interested in software testing and looking to improve your testing skills? YouTube is a great place to start with. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there that are specially dedicated to software testing and automation. It is hard to find the best ones among them, but this blog got you covered. In this blog, we will be exploring the top software testing YT channels for 2024 So you can easily find what’s right for you and improve your ability in software testing, including test automation, mobile app testing, real device testing, and many more.

15 Top Software Testing YT Channels

These 15 top software testing YT channels will help you go from beginner to expert in testing.


The SDET-QA is one of the top Software Testing YT channels, and It provides a rich source of educational content focused on SDET and test automation. It provides tutorials covering Unix/Linux for testers, Apache POI, Java streams, Lambda Expressions, Selenium locators, and Postman for beginners. This channel serves both beginner and seasoned automation enthusiasts. These SDET and test automation videos can help you improve your skills while keeping up with modern trends and techniques used in the industry.

2. Automation Step by Step

The Automation Step By Step channel is one of the top software testing  YT channels founded by Raghav. It offers free education on automation testing, DevOps, CI, and testing-related tools. With a decade-long career as an Automation Architect, Raghav shares expertise in Jenkins, Selenium, JMeter, Cypress, and more. His mission is to make his learning and expertise accessible to all. Raghav’s philosophy is  “Never Stop Learning.” explore free resources carefully crafted by him to guide beginners and empower professionals. It is a completely beginner-friendly channel. This channel offers free roadmaps, practical software testing tools, and framework tutorials.

3. Software Testing Mentor

The software testing mentor channel is one of the top software testing YT channels, it offers multiple videos about automation testing, performance testing, API testing, and various other crucial topics. What distinguishes this channel is its focus on hands-on demonstrations and real-life scenarios that allow viewers to learn and practice practical testing skills effectively.

Whether you’re new to the testing field or already possess some knowledge, this channel supports individuals at all levels of expertise. This channel provides invaluable insights into automation testing methodologies, software performance evaluation techniques, and API testing protocols. The tutorials are presented in a clear and accessible manner that ensures ease of understanding for viewers as they explore the complexities of testing practices.

4. Naveen AutomationLabs

Naveen AutomationLabs is a leading YouTube channel known for its valuable tutorials on automation testing. Led by Naveen, an experienced SDET/Automation Architect, it covers various topics such as  Java, Python, Selenium WebDriver, WebdriverIO, and Cucumber. Naveen’s structured and simple tutorials are designed for beginners, and he offers live coding sessions, Q&A segments, and interview preparation discussions. From Selenium to API testing, the channel provides varied content for automation enthusiasts. The channels stand out in his clear explanations, making complex concepts accessible to all skill levels.

5. Automation Testing with Joe Colantonio

Joe Colantonio’s YouTube channel offers a valuable automation testing resource, highlighting tools and frameworks like Selenium, Appium, and test automation strategies. With this channel, testers can improve their automation testing skills. The channel provides various resources to diverse audiences, from novices to advanced testers.

This channel doesn’t limit itself to a specific tool. This versatility allows viewers to explore different facts of automation testing. Joe Colantonio’s channel is an excellent option if you seek a channel that provides insights across various automation testing aspects and features interviews with experts.

6. Traversy Media

Traversy Media, founded by Brad Traversy, the channel is highly known for its coverage of web development, software testing, and automation testing. Tutorials and explanations of this channel are clear and straightforward, making it a valuable resource for beginners and experienced testers. Traversy Media offers tutorials that are easy for beginners to understand and serve as a perfect starting point for those new to automation testing.

The channel explores various automation testing tools and concepts, focusing on Selenium WebDriver, Cypress, and JavaScript-based automation. If you’re new to automation testing or have intermediate skills and are looking for tutorials on JavaScript-based automation, Traversy Media is an excellent choice for software testing.

7. EvilTester

Alan Richardson is the founder of the EvilTester channel. He has over 25 years of expertise in software development and testing. EvilTester offers a useful resource for software teams aiming to refine their creations through rigorous testing. With a focus on agile testing, Java, Selenium, and other key topics, Alan’s user-friendly tutorials and real-world examples help testers and developers of all levels. EvilTesterchannel encourages a supportive community where individuals can engage in discussions, share knowledge, and collaborate on problem-solving, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Overall, EvilTester is a top software testing YT channel for anyone looking to improve their testing and development skills. Following Alan’s guidance provides viewers with the tools and mindset to navigate the complexities of software testing that leads to the creation of exceptional solutions.

8. Guru99

Guru99 provides various tutorials on software testing and automation. The channel covers popular tools like Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, scripting languages, and frameworks. Guru99 provides practical examples and hands-on demonstrations for effective understanding. These examples and tutorials are mainly designed for beginners and intermediate learners. Guru99’s tutorials offer clear explanations and concise examples to help you understand automation testing concepts.

The channel covers Selenium WebDriver, Java for Selenium, TestNG, and various aspects of software testing, with supporting explanations and practical examples and code snippets. If you’re starting your journey in automation testing and aiming to master Selenium WebDriver with Java, Guru99’s tutorials offer a suitable starting point for your learning journey.

9. The Testing Academy

The Testing Academy is a database of test tutorials related to software testing, it covers various topics like SDET Tutorials, Selenium Tutorials, API tests, Karate API Tests, Rest Assured tutorials, and many more. Whether you are a beginner in testing or experienced, The Testing Academy offers valuable content that addresses your specific requirements. The tutorials touch upon a wide range of test categories and make them available to viewers at all knowledge levels. The materials are designed to be descriptive and applicable, making the learning process easier.

The Testing Academy increases viewers’ testing abilities and keeps them updated about the newest trends and developments happening in the software testing and development field.

10. Testing Mini Bytes

Testing Mini Bytes is one of the top software testing YT channels that shares short and easy-to-understand videos about testing. It covers various topics like Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Java, and other testing tools. The best thing about this channel is that the videos are quick and informative, making it easy for viewers to learn testing techniques fast.

Whether new to testing or looking to improve your skills, this channel has something for you. You can watch and learn how to use Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, and Java for testing. The videos are packed with helpful information to help you become a better tester quickly.

11. LambdaTest

The LambdaTest YT channel is one of the best software testing channels for people interested in software testing and digital experience optimization. LambdaTest is an AI-powered test orchestration and execution platform to run manual and automated tests at scale. The platform allows you to perform both real-time and automation testing across 3000+ environments and real mobile devices.

This channel provides different content targeting to improve the viewer’s knowledge and practical skills in software testing. There are tutorials on famous testing frameworks such as Selenium, Cypress TestNG, and pytest, helpful updates regarding LambdaTest products, and newly released features that cover everything. Apart from tutorials, the channel holds webinars to share their insights and keep the viewers informed about recent advancements in testing.

12. Mukesh Otwani

Mukesh’s YouTube channel is a go-to destination for anyone exploring software testing to enhance their skills. Mukesh provides valuable resources such as well-structured tutorials with code examples on Selenium, Maven, Appium, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, and RPA. Beyond tutorials, Mukesh offers valuable career advice, interview preparation tips, free consultation sessions, and live community sessions that help testers at every stage of their career journey. Whether you’re a fresher or a professional, Mukesh’s channel offers extensive support and guidance in software testing and automation.

13. Software Testing Help

Software Testing Help is one of the oldest and top software testing YT channels. This channel features thousands of videos on all sorts of topics related to tutorials, methodologies, manual testing automation, interviews, and many more for testers who look forward to enhancing their abilities.

This channel provides useful content for both beginners and advanced levels in testing. You can find anything you need for the testing process in this channel, from tutorials on different testing methods to insights into manual and automation tests and help with job interview preparation. By following Software Testing Help, you can improve your testing skills and stay updated on the newest trends and techniques in testing.

14. Software Testing by Daniel Knott

An accomplished author of testing books and online courses leads Daniel Knott’s Software Testing channel. Touching on various topics such as manual testing, test automation, methodologies, tools, and industry best practices, the channel offers practical knowledge to viewers. Beyond technical aspects, Knott explores “softer” skills like attending testing conferences and performing effectively at them.

While the channel thoroughly explores automation testing, it also provides thorough guidance on manual testing techniques. Moreover, Knott’s focus on testing methodologies and industry insights helps viewers understand testing within a broader context. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced tester, the channel offers valuable insights into software testing practices, providing a comprehensive view of the field.

15. Execute Automation

Execute Automation focuses on automation testing and delivers tutorials on TestRigor, GraphQL, Jenkins, and other related topics. This channel offers valuable insights for automation enthusiasts, and their tutorials cover TestRigor, GraphQL, Jenkins, and more in a way that’s easy to understand and learn from. Execute Automation will help you expand your knowledge of automation and stay updated on the latest trends. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their skills in automation testing.


In conclusion, the varied selection of top software testing YouTube channels for 2024 offers a wealth of resources to both beginners and experienced testers. From practical tutorials and hands-on presentations to insightful discussions and industry updates, these channels support different skill levels and cover many testing topics. Whether you’re trying to improve your automation skills, learn about testing methods, or stay updated on industry trends, these channels give valuable support and guidance on mastering software testing.

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