Types of Barcodes Scanners& Reasons to Acquire a Holster

Types of Barcodes Scanners& Reasons to Acquire a Holster

The barcode scanner is an essential and effective data capture system regardless of the industry. Again, a scanner is a worthy investment for your organization due to the increased use of coded information and human encoding errors. But there are different types of barcode scanners, and acquiring a barcode holster is vital.

Reasons to acquire a holster

1. Safety 

A barcode scanner is delicate equipment prone to breakage. Acquiring a Unitech Scanner Holster guarantees your scanner as it minimizes breakages.

2. Maintenance

Instead of regular repair and maintenance costs, acquire a barcode scanner holster. The holster is a one-time investment to prevent dirt or other components from distorting your scanner. In turn, you’ll incur less in maintenance and repair costs.

3. Functionality and convenience

Since barcode scanners come in different shapes and materials, you can acquire a holster that fits perfectly with your scanner and its functions. Such a holster will customize your barcode to improve functionality and make it convenient to use for your purposes.

 Here are the types of barcode scanners

1. Pen 

A pen barcode scanner is an inexpensive barcode scanner with LED lights and a photodiode in its tips to scan your products or items. To check, you should slowly pass the ends over the barcode, and the LED will illuminate the black and white bars.

Then the barcode photodiode measures the light reflection and determines each bar’s width and color. With the information, you can have the digital barcode readings and transmit them to various processing units.

2. Laser

A laser barcode scanner gives more accurate light readings with minor scanner errors than a pen barcode scanner. A laser shot at the laser scanner mirror inside the actual unit enables a movement for the laser to sweep across the barcode in a straight line. After light reflection, the laser measures its reflection level and transmits it into barcode digital readings.

3. CCD          

A charge-coupled device scanner has many tiny LED lights aligned in one row. The lights are directly shot into your barcode sensor. But unlike other barcode scanners, CCD measures the voltage of the ambient light now in front of each LED light bulb. The voltage measurements are digital readings to your barcode scanner. However, CCDs are pretty expensive but provide accurate readings.

4. 2D Camera

Unlike other barcode scanners, 2D scanners consist of white and black space in the two-dimension target. And although they allow information coding and better data, their reading requires special machinery. A 2D camera is a piece of special machinery used to read the barcode readings.

The camera consists of multiple tiny lights placed in multiple rows. The cameras take a digital picture when the light flashes onto the barcode. The image is sent as a digital signal to the software. Your software then decodes the signal and provides you with accurate readings.

5. Bluetooth barcode scanners

A Bluetooth barcode scanner relies on Bluetooth technology to operate. It’s more accessible and convenient as it doesn’t have cable connection restrictions.

 Summing up

Choosing a suitable barcode scanner that aligns with your activities is essential. Therefore, before purchasing your barcode, evaluate your needs, organization scale, and the scanner IT set up. After choosing your suitable barcode scanner, don’t forget to acquire its holster.

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